My Favorite Products From the Trader Joe's Beauty Section

It is no secret around here that, in my opinion, bargain is best. Why pay more when you can find something that's affordable and does the job? Plus sticking to a budget leaves a lot more room for travel and iced coffees.

Affordable beauty items tend to be hit or miss. Honestly, the quality of beauty items tends to increase as the price increases. Drunk Elephant Babyfacial anyone? However, some of the most loved beauty products currently taking up counter space in my tiny bathroom come from an unlikely place: Trader Joe's. 

My Favorite Products from Trader Joe's Beauty Section - wear she blossoms

Let's be real honest here: Trader Joe's beauty section is tiny. At least it is in my local store. It's maybe three shelves at most, squeezed between organic cleaning products and pet treats. Not glamorous but very practical when you're picking up your milk and eggs. Or you know, some chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches...

Despite it's small size, there are some hidden treasures. I have four go-to products that I always add to my Trader Joe's basket along with the groceries.

Natural Facial Cleansing Pads with tea tree oil

This was the gateway into the Trader Joe's beauty department. I'm always on the lookout for something that will clean my face without being too harsh. These small round pads are soaked with natural tea tree oil which is great for sensitive skin and an organic way to remove bacteria and dirt from your skin. What I love about these pads are that they're insanely refreshing. My skin always, always, always feels clean after using one. They're also very effective at clearing up minimal breakouts within a day or sometimes even overnight. I got Nick hooked and we always make sure to pack these in our suitcase when we're off on a trip. 

Trader Joe's Face Wash with tea tree oil

This face wash was purchased out of frustration when my beloved face pads were out of stock. It's a super liquidy cleaner with a definite tea tree oil smell. Honestly, I wasn't a huge fan at first and missed my face pads. Then I discovered a really good way to use it: as a cleansing body wash. 

Yes, I suffer from some back blemishes when the weather starts to get a bit sticky. This face wash works wonders on clearing up any blemishes so you're ready for that low back top. 

My Favorite Products from Trader Joe's Beauty Section - wear she blossoms

Rose Facial Oil

I'm obsessed with anything rose-scented and that comes in a pretty package. I spotted this facial oil on an end cap with all the new products and couldn't resist the pink package (since discarded but still pretty) and the promise of smelling like a rose. Oh, and hydrating my skin too. 

This oil was the perfect light and sweet-smelling oil to add to my beauty routine. For extra hydration this winter, I layered it under my moisturizer. Sometimes, if I'm craving a little hydration, I'll apply a drop or two on its own. It's also perfect for moisturizing cuticles and giving a little boost to the dry ends of your hair in between washes. 

Shea Butter and Coconut Oil Hair Mask

If you are looking for THE product to get your hair soft and luxurious without spending a ton, this hair mask is absolutely perfect. I have really dry hair from highlights and my fine but thick texture.

I am always on the hunt for something to keep my hair hydrated. Usually products are expensive or just not that effective. People swear by coconut oil but I found it's messy and time-consuming. This hair mask works amazing and it has everything. It's a great price, super easy to use (just apply to damp hair for 2-5 minutes), and the sweet coconut scent lingers just a little bit. What could be better?

Small but mighty, Trader Joe's beauty section is as fun as the rest of the store to explore. Just the other day I popped by to pick up a pizza crust for Friday pizza and noticed a blueberry facial scrub. Nick had to hold me back from buying that one! At least for now. 

Tell me: do you shop at Trader Joe's? Have you ever tried one of their beauty products?