Sunday Letter, Vol. 3

Sunday Letter, Vol. 3: How You Can Help Right Now

It's been a bit since I sat down to write a Sunday letter. Like my previous Sunday letters, I started this post way earlier. But today was a good Sunday: a real sunny summer Sunday. School's officially out and I can relax. At least in theory. It usually takes me at least a week for my brain and body to realize that I don't have to get up and do anything. 

June has really thrown me for a loop. From turning 31 to having a hectic end of the year clean-up, I'm in a one-day-at-a-time season. Which is hard for someone who's a planner and doer (see above). It's caused a slight hiccup in my creative flow. Especially when it comes to getting dressed. Right now I'm definitely doing the "less is more" thing for my summer style.

I also can't lie and say I haven't been affected by what's going on in the news. To see the horror of children being separated from their parents, their siblings, with absolutely no remorse or thought for their future is devastating. I don't want to say I'm paralyzed but it's definitely stopping me in my tracks. 

It makes me think of my students. There's an indicator on the report card that asks if they can "adapt to changes in routine". Kids are not built for chaos; they look for stability and routine as so much of their internal and physical selves is growing. Without help and support, these children are at risk for developmental deficiencies, behavioral problems, and more. 

While I've been quietly taking action, I figured it was time to share some resources in case you're wondering where to start too.

Studio DIY is amazing in speaking out about the border separations. They compiled this list of websites, tips for contacting representatives, and more ways to help

If you're still nervous about speaking on the phone to representatives, a great way to get your opinion heard is with Resistbot. Simply text 50409 and the bot will help you determine your Congressman or woman and give you a scripted response to send their way. It's completely free and only takes a few minutes. It's a good way to start getting your voice heard. 

In a way I'm glad that life is interrupting my creative energy right now. Sure, it stinks when it comes to blogging but at the same time, I don't want to become a person who is unaffected by the world around her. 

I hope this Sunday letter reminds you that it's okay to be affected and it's okay to do something (even quietly). If you're struggling with balance, that's okay too. The keep-doing-it attitude is what counts and what will make a difference in the end.