Work Wear Wednesday: Dressing for Work in the Summer

Hello from Hudson, NY where I am currently kicking off my summer travel season! School's out so get used to seeing me around on Twitter and Instagram. And get ready for some fresh new content here, now that I'm not wrangling ten year olds for six hours of my day.

Okay so you're probably wondering why am I writing a Work Wear Wednesday post if I'm not actually working?!? This is my first summer that I'm not actually working. Breaking news, I'm sure, for some of you who thought teachers had the whole summer off. Of course, that's always an option but saving to basically be unemployed for two months is kind of hard. Having a summer job can help make those travel/clothing/anything you can think of dreams come true. 

My usual gig was summer school where I got to work with a small group of kids and helped them avoid "the summer slide". The only downside to teaching summer school, besides the obvious 6 am wake up, was figuring out what to wear. There were a few problems: first, I was sick of my clothes and just wanted to wear shorts and tees. Second, they keep the school building freezing cold to combat the NJ heat. And third, it was more laid back than the rest of the school year but I still had to keep it professional. 

All of those reasons make dressing for work in the summer challenging. Today I'm partnering with Lindsey of Cozy Stylist to share few essential things I've learned over the years that will keep your style fresh, "warm", and professional.

Dressing for Work in the Summer - wear she blossoms
Dressing for Work in the Summer - wear she blossoms
Dressing for Work in the Summer - wear she blossoms
Dressing for Work in the Summer - wear she blossoms
Dressing for Work in the Summer - wear she blossoms
Dressing for Work in the Summer - wear she blossoms
Dressing for Work in the Summer - wear she blossoms

dress: j.crew factory, shirt: primark, shoes: j.crew factory, earrings: baublebar, sunglasses: ray ban

Invest in the summer dress

For a few years I wore my trusty J.Crew Factory Winnie pants every day for summer school. The thought is flexibility for getting down to students' level and keeps my legs warm in the AC. While they were absolutely fantastic, I got sick of them so fast. Sorry, but work pants are boring. Not to mention that dismissal time was brutal standing outside in long pants waiting for parents to show up. 

Dresses are definitely worth the investment for dressing for work in the summer. There are so many different style, silhouettes, and patterns and colors. You can dress them for work with a blazer or cardigan. Usually I stick with knee length but midi and maxi dresses are also a favorite. 

Spice up your button down by tying it up

While the AC is usually blasting, there are parts of the school that are older and simply don't have vents that work as well. So one minute my students are bundling up like we're at the Artic Circle and the next we're sweating. That's when I learned the trick of layering with a button down. 

A button down shirt is lightweight enough not to suffocate you in the summer heat but also covers you up a bit when you're inside. Simply tie it over your summer dress or leave it open over a skirt and shirt combo. It's really light and easy and different from your usual blazer or cardigan. It's also a much more casual, fresh look for summer. 

Instead of sandals, try a mule

Before I became a teacher, I worked at a job where close toed shoes were required. Yes, even in the summer. Of course, it's usually a professional requirement and I can see why sometimes when not everyone lives that pedicure life. 

If you're stuck in that boat, I implore you to give mules a try. They're the shoe of the moment for a reason: they easily slip on, they look chic, and your feet are kinda free without being offensive. You don't have to shell out a lot of money either; Target and Forever 21 have cute styles at a good price. 

What are your closet essentials when dressing for work in the summer?

Now hop on over to Lindsey's blog to see what she suggests to keep comfortable and looking professional in the summer heat and office freeze!