Five Things You Should Always Say Yes To

Right now I'm currently sitting at my kitchen table trying to plan out our big Pacific Northwest trip. I have planned three of the thirteen days we'll be away. And mostly just the food. And really only in San Francisco. We leave in a little over a week so I may need to get on this planning thing. If you have any recommendations for Napa, Portland, the Oregon Coast, or Seattle, send them my way please!

When I first dreamed up this plan, I was a bit worried it would be overwhelming. There are a lot of things to coordinate, it's quite an expense of visiting three U.S. cities, and then just overall being out of my comfort zone.

I have had to say "no" quite a bit this summer and then part of me wanted to say no to this vacation. Or at least make it smaller and easier. But vacations are not something I like to compromise on. I always say yes to big adventures, trying new things, and not getting too comfortable. There are certain things I always say yes to, because it's proven my life will be better for it. 

Five Things You Should Always Say Yes To

Five Things You Should Say Yes To - wear she blossoms
Five Things You Should Say Yes To - wear she blossoms
Five Things You Should Say Yes To - wear she blossoms
Five Things You Should Say Yes To - wear she blossoms

Say yes to meeting a new friend for coffee/lunch/drinks

I can't tell you the number of articles recently seen floating around the internet proclaiming, "How to Make Friends in Your Thirties", "How to Make Friends in a New City", or simply "How to Make Friends". Yes, making friends, especially as you get older, can be really hard. What can make it easier is actually saying yes to new friends. Yes, we're all busy but make the effort and say yes to making plans. Saying yes is how you make friends. 

Going somewhere not on your "list"

I have a "where to go next" list both on paper and in my head. Just a general list of places that I really need to go, things I need to see, and adventures I want to take. Though there are tons of places I want to go, sometimes it's hard to make it work. Rather than compromise on visiting a dream place, I love saying yes to places that aren't on the "list". It can be thrilling to visit a place you're not so sure about. It can eliminate expectations and help you just experience it with ease and excitement. 

Trying on (and even buying) something, even if it isn't your "normal size"

It is so easy to have strong feelings about clothing sizes. Whether you wish for a smaller size or a different shape or to be taller or shorter, it can be a struggle to accept your body the way it is and shopping brings that to the forefront. But the more I shop and try different brands, the more I realize that size doesn't matter. Certain brands cut bigger; some cut smaller. It really is all about finding things that you love. Say yes to choosing things that make you feel good, fit good, and show off your personal style. 

An opportunity in your career that you're not sure you're ready for

One of my biggest career obstacles is the fear of failing. It's kept me from taking risks that would make me a better teacher. It's usually that I feel like I'm not ready and I need to plan and prepare more. But sometimes the best opportunities come before you're truly ready. So I'm saying yes to opportunities. 

Doing something just because you feel like it

There's a lot of praise for having a busy life. Being a hard worker who is reliable and responsible is important, I'm not going to deny that. But too often people let it get in the way of doing something that they want to do just for the heck of it. Sometimes you need to stop and take time for yourself. Even if it's not necessarily the most productive activity, like watching a whole true crime doc in an afternoon. Don't feel like you need to justify your choice to anyone and don't feel guilty. It can be just the reset you need to do even more. 

What are some things you always say yes to?


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