Where I Find My Favorite Summer Basics

You may have noticed that it's been a bit quieter around here. Or maybe you haven't noticed because you're living your best summer life. At least I hope you are. But yea, I'm definitely feeling "summer" around here. In the past that meant I was bursting with ideas but this summer, not so much. That's why I'm giving myself a little break to get back to being creative. Until I get back on track, my posting schedule may be a bit off.

But today I'm sharing something VERY important: my favorite summer basics AND where to find them! Because in addition to being stuck in a summer creative block, my outfits have felt less than inspired. I'm leaning heavily on summer basics: a great pair of shorts, breezy tanks and tees, and easy to throw on dresses. 

Where I Find My Summer Basics - wear she blossoms
Where I Find the Best Basics for Summer - wear she blossoms
Where I Find the Best Basics for Summer - wear she blossoms

tank top: target, shorts: j.crew factory, earrings: target, clutch: studio diy

Breezy tank tops: Target

Target is best for most basics and, well, everything. Those Target memes don't lie and like everyone else who visits Target, I was there for something else when I discovered the beauty of their simple tank tops. They have both a fitted style and a looser style (like the one above) and they come in a rainbow of colors. They're the softest cotton and go with everything. 

Shorts that cover your booty: J.Crew Factory

Every summer I see the same post on Twitter over and over again: "where can I find shorts that actually cover my butt?!?" Apparently most stores decided the shorter the better when it comes to shorts OR you're looking at styles that resemble your grandma's bermuda shorts. For the perfect in-between style that'll cover your bum, I love J.Crew Factory. Their shorts have the perfect inseam, from 3 1/2 to 5 inches, and lots of different styles. Besides their denim shorts, I also love the scalloped hem shorts

Light summer dresses: Old Navy

When it comes to finding the perfect summer dress, you can look basically anywhere and find great options. If you're looking for affordable, basic options, then look no further than Old Navy. Let's be honest: they're not a long term investment piece. But for the price point (watch for those awesome sales) and the fact that you're going to be sweating summer away in them, the dresses are perfect. Plus they come in a variety of cuts, colors, and patterns. 

Swimsuits for any body: Aerie

Everybody needs a swimsuit because it is just too hot to not take a dip in the water. What I love about Aerie swimsuits are the high quality, variety of styles, and are very size inclusive. I got this swimsuit because it's a one-piece with the feel of a two-piece. 

What basics do you always add to your summer closet?