The First Trimester of My Pregnancy: The Good, The Bad, and All My Tips

I’m excited to start sharing some posts about my pregnancy. Before I was pregnant, I devoured posts about babies and pregnancy knowing that it was something I wanted in my future. I like to do my research! I especially like hearing what other women experience and connecting with them. Which is why I can’t wait to share more with you!

But let’s start off this post with one caveat: every pregnancy is different. When Nick and I were struggling with infertility issues, I read everything I could about pregnancy symptoms, healthy pregnancy, and literally anything about how to get pregnant. The amount of information is dizzying and really, it doesn’t always apply. While symptoms and milestones might be similar, every woman and her journey to becoming a mom is different. Not enough people say that and I think it’s important to remember.

The First Trimester of My Pregnancy: The Good, The Bad, and All My Tips

Here’s what I experienced during my first trimester:

We found out that I was pregnant very early on since I was visiting a specialist. It was great but it also made me nervous. I was extra careful and was hyper aware of every little symptom. I had a hard time being excited because it was so early and I wasn’t confident that it was going to “stick”. But the first few weeks of my pregnancy were great, felt very similar to getting a period without the obvious part of it. That was until week six. And then I really started to get all the symptoms.

  1. Extreme fatigue - I always get tired when it’s that time of the month but I’ve never experienced anything like this. My body felt heavy and I could barely stay awake past dinner time. Teaching is a pretty active job but I had to sit most of the day and make the students come to me. When summer break started I started taking twice a day naps.

  2. All day nausea - they call it morning sickness but every mom and mom-to-be knows that it can come at any time. It was also not like they show in movies or on t.v.; I wasn’t throwing up and going on with my day. I often got that queasy feeling, like being on a roller coaster or eating something that doesn’t sit right.

  3. Throwing up - yes, I did throw up, but rarely in the morning. This was probably the worst symptom of the first trimester. I definitely had a stretch where I couldn’t keep anything down for a day or more and it was happening once a week. Thankfully it didn’t last long and I was on summer vacation from work.

  4. Cramps and body aches - while there was no actual outward sign that I was pregnant (a.k.a no baby bump), my body was changing. There were plenty of mild cramps to remind me that, yes, I was pregnant. The worst of these had to be the lower back pain which made working out and walking long distances painful.

  5. The excitement of realizing “Oh my gosh, we’re having a baby!” - I don’t want you to think that the first trimester is just this aching, awful time. There is also this incredible realization that there’s actually a baby growing there. It’s an amazing feeling that doesn’t compare to anything else.

Tips for making the best of the first trimester:

While it wasn’t the most pleasant of times, I know I had it easier than many women. Believe me, people love to tell you horror stories and warn you of “what’s to come”. Despite all of it, there were a handful of things that helped make my first trimester easier.

  1. Drink lots of water - cutting back my caffeine intake was rough (all the coffee and black tea I miss you!) but I started focusing on upping my water intake. It helped some with my nausea and lessened cramping.

  2. Listen to your body - the hard part about the first trimester is being pregnant with all the fun symptoms but not looking like it. So you can tend to push yourself to maintain the busy schedule and habits of your pre-pregnant self. I know I did which led to more exhaustion and stress on my body. Do what your body is telling you. Take a nap when you need it. Have an extra snack when you’re hungry.

  3. Invest in comfy clothes - sure, you’re not showing yet but all the changes of the first trimester are pretty uncomfortable. My go-to is Aerie joggers. Soooo comfy.

  4. Give yourself grace - based on what I heard from other people and the internet, I expected much of the first trimester to be just a little bit different from my normal everyday pre-pregnancy. I wasn’t expecting my energy and motivation to be completely derailed. I couldn’t even get motivated to write a blog post from the comfort of my couch. I felt really bad about it and like I was already failing. What would have been better is to give myself grace. Being pregnant is an incredible change, mentally, physically, and emotionally. You might not be able to do it all but you have to realize: you’re creating life right now! So give yourself a little grace as you start your journey.

Now that I’m out of my first trimester, this pregnancy is moving right along. The second trimester is so much better (though some of the symptoms lingered into the first few weeks). I have way more energy, though I still like a good nap. So if you’re currently battling through those first trimester symptoms, stick with it! It does get better.

Next on this whole let’s-have-a-baby thing is getting the nursery together and figuring out what the heck to register for. Oh, and probably figuring out more maternity wear. Give me all the comfy pants! To all the moms out there: what should I register for? Send me all the tips!

The First Trimester of My Pregnancy: The Good, The Bad, and All My Tips - wear she blossoms