Sunday Letter, Vol. 4: Make Time to Do What You Want

Sunday Letter, Vol. 4: Make Time to Do What You Want

A snapshot from the park at the base of Coit Tower. Read more about my San Francisco visit here.

Hello, hey, hi there! It's been awhile since I sat down to write a Sunday letter. But also it's been a little while since I blogged. Or really blogged consistently. 

On a scale of one to busy, I would probably rate myself as half busy. The first day of school was Wednesday so of course there was a lot of prep work that went into that. Most afternoons this week I got home exhausted. I always forget how little fourth graders are on the first day of school. Have you ever had to repeat directions twenty five times? (If you're a parent, don't answer that.) And for some reason, we're having trouble with our shoelaces this year. But we'll get there...eventually.

There's the exhaustion but also the paperwork and the prep work. I watched the first half of the Eagles game on Thursday stapling mini growth mindset booklets. The students finished them in about twenty minutes. 

My third and final excuse to present to you in my case for not blogging quite so much is being pregnant. Being pregnant is exhausting. And it's weird. Like one day I'm fine having one thing for dinner and the next time it's terrible indigestion. My sleep is all out of whack and I'm just starting to gain back a little bit of the energy I lost in my first trimester. 

I feel like it's gotten so normal to offer up excuses as to why we can't do something. It's not that being busy with something at work, a new activity, or just physical or emotional exhaustion is illegitimate. But sometimes we use a "busy" life as an excuse for why we're not doing something or doing something less productive like binge watching The Good Place on Netflix (SO GOOD). 

Here's the real deal: I just don't feel like blogging all the time. Sometimes I just want to sit and relax. In this time of hustling and side jobs and overscheduled weekends, I'm giving in to the fact that I like having an abundance of down time. I like being able to enjoy just sitting in my home, lighting a candle, putting on a face mask, and watching an early 2000's rom com. 

I used to feel guilty about not doing something every second of every day. Like if I took one moment to do something that was not productive, I would be behind. 

This new season of my life is teaching me that doing things just for pleasure is just as important as staying productive. Not wanting to blog is okay; I'm slowly returning to writing and blogging on my schedule. Plus I've got fresh ideas and more to say (and outfits if this heat/humidity and rain ever quit). 

Take a moment to do something you want to do, instead of hustling to cross off another thing you think you need to be doing. Make doing something fun a priority and make room on your busy plate. I always go back to the idea that you can't pour from an empty cup, so if you need to just enjoy life for awhile, do it. 

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