March's Reading, Watching, Listening, and Loving

March marked the second full month with Violet, slightly warmer temperatures, and some very limited adventures out of the house. Anyone else desperately waiting for warmer temperatures to stick around? As much as I love a good Netflix marathon, I’m going a bit stir crazy!

March's Reading, Watching, Listening, and Loving - wear she blossoms

Reading: Saints for All Occasions by J. Courtney Sullivan

J. Courtney Sullivan is one of my favorite authors (also wrote Commencement and Maine) and I picked up Saints For All Occasions in my recent book haul at Barnes and Noble. What I love about her writing is ger ability to develop these multi-dimensional, very real characters. The books always have a good plot, but its the dynamics of the characters that always makes me stay.

This is the story of two Irish sisters who immigrated to Boston in the 1950s. Nora is the older, more reserved sister who is on her way to marry Charlie, even though she doesn’t love him. She brings along her sister, Theresa, and Nora hopes that Theresa will get more opportunities in America. Once they arrive, a mistake changes their lives and their relationship forever.

This wasn’t my favorite of Sullivan’s books but I still enjoyed the way she presents her characters and her writing. If you like lots of action, this isn’t the book for you. This book really digs deep into identity, sacrifice, and relationships. Definitely a good, thoughtful read.

Watching: Reality TV

You guys, I am watching SO much reality tv. When you’re stuck in the house with a newborn who wants to be fed and held, you gotta find something to watch. I definitely thought I would get into some good shows on Netflix, Hulu, HBO, or Amazon Prime but I caught one episode of Vanderpump Rules on Bravo and that was it.

Most of the reality shows I’m addicted to are on Bravo (except I just can’t watch any of the Housewives franchises). I got Nick into Summerhouse and sometimes he’ll watch an episode of Vanderpump with me. Pro tip: all seasons of Vanderpump Rules are on Hulu. Like is it wrong that I was happy Stassi came back? And don’t even get me started on every HGTV show…why can’t they agree on what they want in a home?!?

Listening: She & Him on repeat

Whenever I’m looking for a break from endless reality tv, it’s time to play some music. To keep all of us calm, I’m all about soft music that I can sing along with. Cue She and Him. I love the mix of their originals with classic standards and ballads. Violet and I dance around the living room to She and Him when the nightly crankiness sets in (mostly her but sometimes me too).

Loving: Promptly Journals

I don’t get much done these days besides cuddling and diaper changes but I made it a priority to get Violet’s baby book started. I didn’t want to go with the traditional photo book. To be totally honest, I want to capture memories without putting in a ton of work. And a photo book would probably have a thousand pages already with the number of photos I’ve taken so far.

That’s why I love Violet’s Promptly childhood journal so much. Over a year ago, Brittany Viklund (who is an awesome resource for all things books and motherhood!) shared how she uses the journals for her boys on her Instagram story. I did a little research, fell in love, and asked Nick to get it for me for Christmas. Anyone else shop for their own Christmas/birthday gifts for their significant other?

What I love about Promptly journals is that they are structured so they’re simple to use. Each age milestone comes with prompts for you to share everything going on with your child at that moment in time. Another feature of the journal that I love is that it goes from the first trimester of pregnancy all the way to age eighteen. I get teary-eyed just thinking of completing the journal for Violet in eighteen years! There’s also a place to add photos and they come beautifully bound with leatherette and linen covers.

Not expecting? They also have beautiful travel, love story, and adoption story journals. I can’t love our Promptly journal more!

What have you read, watched, listened to, and loved in March?