Sunday Letter, No. 8: One Month Later

Sunday Letter, Vol. 8: One Month Later - wear she blossoms

Hello from my permanent spot on the couch! Right now there’s old Bravo shows playing in the background (newly obsessed with the super dramatic Summer House) and I’m anxiously checking the clock with an eye on when Violet will wake up from her nap. Not that it helps because baby girl has a schedule all her own. I never know if it’s going to be an hour nap, a two hour nap, or, my personal favorite, the fifteen minute special.

I’m not sure if I was prepared for everything that newborn life was going to bring. At times it’s monotonous. Other times it’s frustrating. Really it’s like, “who left me in charge of this tiny human?” I honestly don’t know what I’m doing most of the time and I’ve shed many tears thinking I’m somehow messing up.

Of course, as with most things nowadays, I can frantically search to figure out what I’m doing wrong. But what I’m starting to realize is that there are no easy answers. Babies are all different little people and there is no instruction manual. Violet and I are both learning; she’s learning all about the world and I’m learning all about her. I’m trying to relax and allow myself some grace.

Another thing I wasn’t fully prepared for is how much I love being a mother. I knew I wanted to be a mom but I wasn’t prepared for how enjoyable it is. You come across a lot of articles online that talk about how difficult motherhood is, how much pain and confusion there is in the postpartum period, and how, as a mom, you can’t have it all, the fulfilling career life and the perfect family life. I just felt like I was hearing a lot of “real talk” which made motherhood almost seem like a negative, scary, and terrible life choice. I was worried about my career, what kind of mom I was going to be, and if this was going to be the right choice.

Yes, motherhood is difficult. I can’t lie or sugarcoat it. Blow out diapers, endless and irrational crying, and constant feedings are very difficult. It’s also so, so enjoyable. When her eyes meet mine, when she cuddles on my chest, or when I’m rocking her to sleep at 2am, I am so, so happy.

We are one month into a very long journey ahead. It’s equal parts exciting and scary but I’m here for it.

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