Back to (Blogging) Basics in a New Season

I have been off my blogging game lately. Of course it’s easy to blame it all on the baby. Violet is a little cuddle bug and maybe takes one nap a day in her crib right now. What can I say? The girl likes to be a part of the action! It just doesn’t leave me a lot of time to blog, much less keep our house clean or run errands or be the productive person I like to be. (Which is okay because I’m learning to be productive in other ways). While I’m still working on how to put together “balance” and “baby”, I have to be honest about why I’m struggling to come up with content and WRITE.

I LOVE blogging and have been doing it, in some form or another, for ten years. Even though I don’t think I’m very good at it, I enjoy taking photos, sharing recommendations, and connecting with the small community that have joined me here (hey, yes, you, you’re the greatest!).

Back to Basics in a New Season - wear she blossoms
Back to Basics in a New Season - wear she blossoms
Back to Basics in a New Season - wear she blossoms
Back to Basics in a New Season - wear she blossoms

Blogging for me has always been a hobby and it most likely always will be. However, I can’t say I’m immune to the comparison trap. Things have really changed since I first started. For blogging nowadays you have to be super curated. You need to seek out sponsorships and work towards going full time. You need to be vulnerable but not too vulnerable.

I am not really any of those things. If I make money from my blog, that’s cool but it’s not everything. I don’t always have time to shoot perfect photos. What you see is what you get and I feel really strongly about being authentic. My life is messy (please see first paragraph or my Instagram Stories). I have a hard time being vulnerable but when I am, it’s to share what I learned.

I want more of that. I want to go back to basics: posting the things that I’m learning, the things that I’m loving, and the real things I’m going through. That’s what I wish blogging would go back to. Real people sharing things and experiences they love, not trying to influence you to buy something random. And even being real about the things they don’t like. I like an honest review, okay?

In honor of going back to “basic”, here are some basic things that I want more of:

  • Outfits like this one. It is all of my favorite things (blue, stripes, jeans, comfortable) and I think there needs to be more of that: how to create real outfits that make you feel great.

  • A love for “little” travel. I want to travel the world but even when you can’t, there are amazing experiences to have in your backyard.

  • Being okay when you need a lot of personal time. I need a lot of time to recharge from the day and there have been people who don’t understand that. I’m here to say it’s okay to need to do your own thing as much as you need to.

  • On the same note, self care is important. It’s more than face masks and spending a night on the couch instead of going out. It’s about putting your mental and emotional health first.

  • Being whatever you want to be. Whether you’re proud to be a mom or would rather be the cool aunt, live the entrepreneur life or love the 9-5, whatever you want to do or be, just do it your own way. And let’s inspire one another to live life on our own terms.