Two Months with Violet and Some Baby Products We're Loving

I debated back and forth about writing monthly updates about Violet. I’ve enjoyed watching some of my favorite bloggers go from style blogging to lifestyle/motherhood blogging. It feels very real to hear what life is like from them and less scary than hearing it from the moms in baby forums (seriously, don’t Google for your advice!).

I decided I’ll share updates on how Violet’s doing as long as it feels right. She is such a big part of my life right now that I can’t imagine not talking about how she’s doing. Plus whenever I read any stories about the newborn phase when I was pregnant, I was always getting either sunshine and rainbows or horror stories about breastfeeding or weeks of little to no sleep. I would say that my experience right now is falling somewhere in-between: it’s not easy but it’s still really special.

Two Months with Violet - wear she blossoms
Two Months with Violet - wear she blossoms
Two Months with Violet - wear she blossoms
Two Months with Violet - wear she blossoms

What’s new with Violet two months in

Violet is growing! And she’s smiling! And she’s cooing and trying to talk to us! It’s amazing how much she’s changed in such a small amount of time. She’s much more alert and interactive now, which keeps me on my toes throughout the day. She is still not a fan of tummy time but we’ll work on it.

One of the things I’m struggling with is getting her to nap away from me. Seriously the only way that I am able to get this blog post done is she’s worn out from the doctor this morning and went down without a fight. I don’t mind the cuddles but the dust bunny situation is real. I guess that’s the trade-off: cuddles versus a perfectly clean house. Violet is doing longer night stretches, sometimes eight hours, which is heavenly. The downside is its not always consistent. Sometimes she’ll wake me at 2am to feed and sometimes I wake up at 2am ready and she’s sleeping like an angel. Again, it’s all part of the newborn phase and I’m just trying to follow her clues.

One other thing we’re working through is the bottle. Making the choice to breastfeed our daughter was an easy one since I’m staying at home with her for a long stretch of time. I was so thankful it worked out, but if it hadn’t, I was okay with feeding her formula. A fed baby is a happy baby so I’ll do anything to make sure she’s happy and growing.

With breastfeeding going so well and me being at home, I didn’t think about introducing a bottle. When we’re out (and we really haven’t been because of the chilly weather), I’ll feed her in the back of the car or, in a pinch, use my Copper Pearl nursing cover.

I really should have thought about it, especially with Violet’s aversion to pacifiers. When we introduced the bottle around six weeks, she wouldn’t take it. She screamed, she cried, she turned bright red. I obsessively read online about what to do. We were on the later side for introducing a bottle and I panicked. I started reading horror stories of women QUITTING THEIR JOBS because they had a baby who wouldn’t take a bottle. There were moms who couldn’t go anywhere for months. I cried to Nick and basically encountered the first real obstacle with my sweet, easygoing babe.

Thankfully she’s taking a bottle now. Sort of. Again, I’m home with her and don’t have a ton of plans (can’t even hide how cool I am from you) so we don’t have to push too hard. Nick gives her a bottle for her early evening feed and she’ll only cry occasionally. It’s also during that “witching hour” time so it’s difficult anyway. We tried Philips Avent bottles, which we had registered for, but she prefers the Como Tomo bottle.

How I’m feeling two months in

The biggest lesson/mantra that I remind myself of daily is things will be hard and challenging but eventually it will change. When you’re deep in the trenches of something (two hour sleep stretches, not taking a bottle) you feel like there’s no end in sight. Then just when you don’t think you can take it anymore, almost overnight, some switch gets flipped and things are a slight bit easier.

Overall I find that I’m a lot calmer and slightly less sleep-deprived this month. Basically that first month felt like getting thrown in the deep end. Since Violet is more active and alert during the day, we have more fun. I’m enjoying revisiting all the nursery rhymes and childhood songs with her. We read a book here and there, something I was really looking forward to when I was pregnant with her.

When it comes to my body and my health, it’s something I’m still struggling with. I’m trying not to put pressure on myself to look a certain way. I am however very cognizant of how I’m feeling. Knowing that I can easily get overwhelmed and be rough on myself, I’m trying to ask for help and be open and honest with how I’m doing. I’m lucky to have a great support network and it’s made growing into motherhood a lot easier.

As for my body, again, I’m lucky that I “bounced back” close to where I was pre-pregnancy/early pregnancy. I am not the weight I want to be and my jeans are still tight. But I just could not wear my stretchy maternity jeans for one more minute! I wish there was more resources for dressing post partum and when you’re nursing because it is tough. I’m thankful for how busy Violet keeps me because I can’t focus on needing to lose the weight, just being healthy and enjoying her.

The baby products we’re loving right now

We’re a bit minimal when it comes to baby gear. I want to add was we go and figure out what works best for Violet and our family.

Fisher Price Rock ‘N’ Play: nearly every post about baby products includes this one and that’s because it’s worth it and it’s a great price for all it does. It’s a great place for Violet to hang out and take a nap.

Baby Bjorn Bouncer: we got this bouncing seat when we realized that there really wasn’t anywhere great to place Violet when she was out in the living room. It’s a bit on the pricier side but it gives Violet a spot where she can watch us do things and be part of the action. We had also looked at swings and things like the Mamaroo but this will transition with her well into her first year. Oh, and you can attach a toy bar to it!

Comotomo bottles: like I mentioned above, Violet is very picky about bottles. After much research, we ordered this on Amazon Prime and she’s getting the hang of the bottle feeding thing.

Ollie swaddle: swaddling is a necessary part of this stage. Violet wakes herself up whenever she isn’t swaddled. We started off with the SwaddleMe swaddles, which were okay, but some night she got an arm free or bunched it up by her mouth and that made me nervous. This swaddle is expensive for a big blanket with industrial velcro but it works. She can’t escape and it has also helped her learn how to put herself to sleep.

Marpac Dohm white noise machine: the white noise machine is essential to our nighttime routine. When we go into the bedroom after getting in our jammies, we switch this on to block out any noise from out in the neighborhood.

Boppy ComfyFit Carrier: sometimes, in order to get that one last nap before Daddy comes home, Violet needs to be popped into the carrier and worn around the house. I like this carrier because it has the style of a wrap but the structure and support of a regular carrier. I will say, however, that I’m looking into getting another one we can throw in the car. The ComfyFit is hard to get on when you’re out in public because of the way the long straps dangle on the ground.