Sunday Letter, No. 9: You're Doing Alright

Hey there and happy Sunday! I’m checking in here from #momlife thanks to (sort of) conquering those daytime naps. When I say “sort of” it’s because I don’t want to jinx it. I’m slowly learning that, just when you think that you and baby are on the same page, everything can change.

As a fan of organization, routine, and planning, the constant change does test me. Sure, babies thrive on routine but getting them to a routine? That’s a whole different story. I’m thankful that I’m a mom raising a child in the age of information, where helpful tips are just a Google search away. In many ways knowing that I can find answers and suggestions easily makes me calm and feeling confident.

Yet there is still the inevitable downside that comes with this age of information. It’s the ability to compare yourself with hundreds of thousands of moms. All the moms on Instagram who look like they’ve got it together, who post ironically messy playroom photos to seem “more real” but then post about the things they got done during their baby’s two hour nap. It’s all the people giving “advice” that can make you feel like inadequate and guilty.

Sunday Letter, Vol. 9: You're Doing Alright - wear she blossoms

I wish I could say that because I’m aware of how the internet and social media work to paint a perfect picture, even when it’s far from the true, I’m immune. But feeling like I’m failing based on the pretty pictures I see online happens all the time. I feel like I’m not doing enough when it comes to play time and developing Violet’s brain and body, when it comes to introducing a bottle, when I’m struggling to get her to take a nap.

Feeling like you’re not enough is not only a mom thing. We’ve all been there at some time or other. There is guilt that you’re not doing enough. You feel inadequate when you don’t reach imaginary milestones on an imaginary timeline. You are ashamed of your struggle when it seems to come to others so easily.

So the point of my Sunday letter is to share with you one of the things I keep telling myself: you’re doing alright. No matter how much you struggle, how much you feel like you’re failing, you are doing alright. Because you’re showing up. Because you’re going to get there, even if it takes longer. Because she chose you to be her mom. So remind yourself today (and whenever you need to) that you’re doing alright.

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