Sunday Letter, No. 10: Summer Is Coming

Hello and happy Sunday! Well, happy whatever is left of your Sunday! My goal was to write this blog post earlier today, obviously, but things are rarely that easy with a baby. To further complicate things I decided to change up the way I approach my Sunday letters.

A lot of times on Wear She Blossoms, I start with an idea and then I get in my head and it gets complicated. The Sunday Letter series is meant to share what’s going on in my life. When I started it, I had a lot on my mind and so it very quickly became a place to spill some of my guts. Honestly, that’s not what I wanted. I want it to be a random catch-up post and not something super deep or complicated. Like a bunch of things going on and running through my head. Like a conversation with a friend, I hope.

Sunday Letter, Vol. 10: Summer Is Coming - wear she blossoms
Sunday Letter, Vol. 10: Summer Is Coming - wear she blossoms

Everyone says Violet looks like Nick but these photos prove that she definitely inherited her sass from me.

Let’s start with: summer is almost here!

Every year I am so excited for summer but I am REALLY excited for summer this year. Even though I’m not about the whole “Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start of summer” (I like to wait until work gets out at the end of June), I’m going to go ahead and endorse it this year. Because it is the first summer with my main lady, aka Violet, and I cannot wait to get us out of the house and into the sunshine.

One of the best things about it being almost summer and the weather being almost perfect, is that my porch is open for the season. If I can point to two things that really sold this house for me was built-in bookshelves in the dining room (which I will decorate all day every day) and our porch.

The porch is pretty small, narrow, and runs along the side of our house. It’s quirky and absolutely perfect. It’s the perfect place to sip my morning coffee and have a Disney greatest hits jam session with my Violet. I am very good at singing “Be Our Guest” at 9:30am. Being a mom sure changes you.

Is there anything better than having the perfect outdoor living space? I am so insanely proud of my little porch. I think I’m going to have to do an Instagram stories tour soon.

Summer is coming and winter is…over? Here? I don’t know but let’s talk Game of Thrones.

Now you’re probably thinking I’m going to spill some deep thoughts about the finale. Instead I have a confession: I can’t get into Game of Thrones. I started it several years ago after some prodding by my brother and was trying to get into it. I think I made it to the red wedding episode. Then one afternoon I had some girlfriends over for a happy hour, drank too much wine, insisted to Nick it was the perfect time to watch Game of Thrones. No, reader, it was not the perfect time.

Completely lost, I gave up on Game of Thrones. But of course, this year I feel extremely peer pressured to try again. So I am diving back into the series and hope it’s worth it. Please, send notes of encouragement!

From Game of Thrones to…fashion.

A natural transition, am I right? Anyway, I am having a moment when it comes to my closet. I’ve touched on it off and on in my posts in the last few months but dressing a post partum body is hard. Like my body is still the same but also very different.

I feel differently about my clothes. With pregnancy, I got to take a step back from what I normally wear and re-evaluated whether my wardrobe is actually working for me. I’m keeping and investing in pieces that are easy to mix and match. This means sticking to a color palette, though not being terribly strict about it. I’m also shying away from trends. No, I’m not investing in bike shorts. I did that in the third grade and I’m not looking back.

I’m probably going to do a big blog post about what I’m learning about personal style post-baby. But I will say that I’m not done figuring it out. Today I wore linen shortalls and I felt like a food blogger on her way to the farmers’ market. Progress, people.

My final thought: changes are coming.

Summer is coming and so is change. It’s not only my closet that I’m taking a second look at post-baby. I love, love, love blogging but I haven’t been doing it much lately. I wasn’t blogging because I didn’t really know what I was blogging about. Or blogging for. It’s hard to sustain something when you don’t know your “why”. But I really feel like I’m figuring things out and I’m kind of excited. So, yes, change is coming and it’s going to be good!

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