Violet's Four Month Update and Our Summer Plans

Violet's Four Month Update and Our Summer Plans - wear she blossoms
Violet's Four Month Update and Our Summer Plans - wear she blossoms

Violet turned four months old on June 2nd and today is…June 17th. Summer is here and we are just so much busier than we were in the first three months. We’re seeing family and friends and Violet is just having a ball getting out of the house. Cross your fingers for me when this girl is up and moving!

It’s incredible how much more active and alert Violet is now at four months. She’s always been an alert baby but now even more so. I always joke that she is just so nosey! Now she’s watching Nick and I do everything. From vacuuming to eating dinner, she watches us very closely to see how things are done. Along with being a keen observer, Violet has gotten way more “grabby”. She reaches for everything if it’s in her line of vision and close enough. It’s been really cool to watch her develop this skill. At the same time we’ve had some close calls with glasses and plates nearly being tipped over!

We are not yet at the coveted “sleeping through the night” stage. In fact, we actually went backwards a few weeks ago and were waking up every 1-2 hours for a few nights. That was rough. Not sleeping in huge chunks is rough but we’re working on it. Everyone pretends like sleep and baby development follows one clear, linear path. But that’s just not the case for every baby. They are little unique people so they’re not all going to be able to get on the same schedule. Plus, as she goes through developmental leaps, she’ll hit some bumps. So I’m trying not to stress and napping when I can.

Violet's Four Month Update and Our Summer Plans - wear she blossoms

How I’m Feeling

I’m still loving life as a full time mama. Every day is a new adventure with her. I’ve probably said this before but I wasn’t sure that I was going to be all about #momlife. But each month just keeps getting better and better. I’m throwing this out into the universe but I’d really like to continue this full time mom gig. I’m working on some things that will hopefully make that happen (I don’t want to say too much right now but hopefully I can share later). Also, can we just be real here and say that six to twelve weeks is not enough time to recover from birth and bond with a new baby? I’m hoping real paid maternity leave is something that we address in the next presidential election.

As amazing as full time mom-ing is, there are plenty of hard times. These last handful of weeks with crazy sleep patterns is really tough. Nick does his best to help but sometimes it’s just got to be me getting up and feeding her. Thankfully we’re only up for about ten minutes or so but I’ve never been a great sleeper and those ten minutes are sometimes all I need to get my mind racing with to-do lists and more.

That leads me to another tough thing I’m working through: anxiety about returning to work. I fortunately have a little over two months with her before heading back but it doesn’t make it easier. We started seriously looking at childcare options and, though many of them are wonderful, it’s hard to think of leaving her. However, I don’t want my anxiety to ruin the time we have left and I’m just going to try to take it one day at a time.

Baby Products We’re Loving Right Now

An exciting thing happening at four months old is Violet is getting into allll the toys. Before now she was mostly indifferent to whatever we put in front of her. It was mostly our faces or nothing at all! Now that she can grab, she’s reaching for everything! Oh, and everything eventually ends up in her mouth. It was real fun wiping all of the drool that ended up on the remote when I left it too close to her play space.

Skip Hop Silver Cloud Jitter Stroller Toy - this is one of our favorite toys. It hangs on the handle of the car set and she just reaches up to grab it. It’s been great for keeping her busy most of the time we’re out to eat. It also helps her not fall asleep in the car as much since we’re trying to keep her on a more set nap schedule.

Skip Hop Explore and More Activity Center - we picked this one up the day before Violet turned four months old and haven’t looked back since. It’s a great alternative to playing on the floor on a mat. With Violet being so alert, it’s great for her to be in it when I’m running around tidying up. I will say that she does get fussy after about ten minutes but each day she’s staying in it a bit longer. I love that it’s not the ugliest baby toy in the world to have in our living room.

Skip Hop Vibrant Village Peek and Play Activity Book - can you tell we’re big fans of Skip Hop? Mostly I love that it doesn’t look like most other “ugly” baby toys. Violet loves all of her Skip Hop stuff but nothing more than her little house activity book. The pages that crinkle and crunch up, the plastic ladybug teether, and the two differently designed sides, one high contrast and the other colorful, are all what make this Violet’s favorite thing right now. We drag “her book”, as we call it, all over the place because it keeps her entertained. It’s also great for tummy time since you can stand it up and it’ll keep their attention for awhile (see my Violet story highlight on Instagram to see her workin’ it). This little activity book is now my go-to baby shower gift!

Babylino’s brush set - Violet was born with a lot of hair. Despite both grandmothers telling us it was going to fall out, it’s just gotten longer. I found this pretty four piece brush set through The Everymom (one of my favorite mom resources!) and it’s perfect. There’s a scalp scrubber that helps with cradle cap, a soft bristled brush, a silicone bristle brush, and a carved comb. The set looks so pretty sitting on her dress and they work really well for taming Violet’s wild tresses!

Violet's Four Month Update and Our Summer Plans - wear she blossoms
Violet's Four Month Update and Our Summer Plans - wear she blossoms

And now for our summer plans!

Every summer Nick and I try to plan a big vacation. It’s the easiest time to travel with my school schedule, but it’s also annoying because it’s the time that most people travel. Oh well, such is life right now.

This summer will be a little bit different between traveling with Violet and being on a strict budget. You don’t get to take seven months to bond with your baby without lots and lots of budgeting! That’s why we’re going to be heading down the Shore for a week instead of flying or road tripping somewhere.

Though it’s not the most glamorous or adventurous vacation I’m excited to explore the Jersey shore. Usually we go down for the day, or really half a day, because it’s only a 45 minute drive and always to the same spot (hey, Bradley Beach!). For our week we’ll be heading to the more southern Jersey beaches. It’ll be fun to explore some new shore towns and get a chance to relax. If you have any recommendations for Brigantine, Ocean City, and Cape May, send them my way!