Sunday Letter, No.12

Happy Sunday! I’m checking in from a restful and totally boring August weekend. As much as I love being out and about in the summer, sometimes you just need a do nothing day. These are my “indoor days” and I have no qualms about wearing leggings and a sweatshirt and never leaving the house when it’s 90 degrees out. Prioritizing rest is one of my favorite forms of self care.

There are roughly three weeks left of my summer and I plan to make the most of it. For me, that means long walks with Violet, planning lots of meals to eat on the grill, and spontaneous trips for ice cream. I’m also going to have a few more “indoor days” so I can really rest, relax, and appreciate this summer without getting burnt out thinking about the upcoming school year. I’m really learning to lean into the slower times and let them be slow without forcing them to be busy.

Sunday Letter, No. 12: My Summer Body is a Homebody

Being “slow” and intentional with my time means reading a lot more books

Another benefit of being a summer homebody is digging deep into summer reading. In the past few weeks my reading life has exploded and I’m back on track with my Goodreads challenge. Part of this is due to the fact that we moved Violet into her crib in her own room. It was a little sad at first because, well, she was barely more than six feet away from me since the moment she was born. However, she transitioned really easily and now I can get back to reading in bed; a habit of mine since learning to read!

Another part is getting addicted to Bad on Paper podcast. While it started out as a book talk podcast, the hosts, Becca Freeman and Grace Atwood, talk about everything from their favorite beauty products to asking for more money to friendship and more. They do still talk about the favorite books they’re reading and have one book episode. All the recommendations sound so good and my to-be-read list has grown exponentially!

And finally, I am back on the YA and children’s lit bandwagon. As a teacher you kind of have to read lots of books or at least be informed about books. I hate sharing the same books over and over every year because I personally find it boring. Of course there are classics that work the best to teach a certain skill but I like to add a few new books here and there. A new fun thing is I’ve been reading aloud all the books to Violet while she plays.

That homebody life and having a closet that suits it

Another benefit of this summer has been making the most out of a “smaller” closet. My journey to a smaller but fuller, aka more useful, closet started after I realized my body and I are totally different after having Violet. Honestly, even if my body “bounced back” (a term I hate btw), I still don’t think I would be 100% satisfied with my closet. I need clothes that make my life easier right now, that aren’t one off pieces or uncomfortable.

The amount of pieces I wear has scaled way back, which is why there are less outfit posts going up. Plus I have way less time and motivation to go take photos! The tricky part is trying to find what my style is now and the few pieces I need to make that happen. I have always been a girl who loves her clothes and loves making new outfits so having fewer pieces that work together is a bit of challenge. There are definitely holes in my wardrobe that are waiting to be filled by the right piece but I’m excited for it!

But I don’t always want to be a homebody

As much as I’m loving my couch time and escaping these hot, humid days, I have travel on my mind. Now that we’re feeling a bit more confident getting Violet out and about, I’m starting to think about all the places we want to take her. I’m really craving a fall adventure so I’m trying to figure out how to make that work with a school schedule. Having two months off in the summer is great until you realize how hard it makes traveling any other time of the year!

Right now we’re sticking to driving destinations since we can pack our car up with everything Violet needs and hit the road whenever its convenient. I would love to do New England because we haven’t been north of NY in a few years. Currently in the running are Providence, RI, Cape Cod, and Vermont. However, we are thinking end of October/early November and are a bit worried about weather.

If you have a really good fall trip that you love to take, send it to me! I’m ready to hit the road!

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