Sunday Letter, No. 13: Let's Ketchup and Mustard

Sunday Letter, No. 13: Let's Ketchup and Mustard - wear she blossoms

Happy Sunday! It’s time for a little “ketchup” here on the blog because it’s been a minute since I’ve done anything blog related. Also I feel kinda guilty that I’m doing a Sunday Letter post instead of finishing one of the thousand posts in my drafts folder. But I’m not really down for finishing up or writing a long and informative post so I thought I’d just pop on for a quick “ketchup”, as I say to my fourth graders.

Back to work, back to school

This week I’m heading into my ninth day of work since coming back from maternity leave. I want to be all like, yes, I’m doing great and everything is going so perfectly. While it’s not a total disaster, balancing life as mom and teacher and wife and just a human is no joke. There are never enough hours in the day. I’ve definitely cried over being so tired I could just collapse. I hope that it gets better but I’m not sure I will ever get over leaving my baby every morning. Being a teacher is wonderful but everything shifted for me when Violet came along. Unfortunately, our family is just not in a place for me to be a full-time mom right now.

Of course I’m lucky that Violet and I had seven months to bond but it’s still not enough. I won’t get on my soap box and preach about how criminal it is that our country offers no paid maternity leave and then when leave is available, it’s usually 12 weeks max. We need to do more for moms!

So ready for fall, y’all

Summer is my bff and this first summer with Violet was epic BUT I am ready to embrace fall. I am ready for new routines and new activities. Also I’ve reached the point in my summer wardrobe where I feel utterly exhausted getting dressed and need to pull out some new things like sweaters and long sleeves and JEANS. I am tired of sweating and tired of needing a pedicure.

Besides being excited for switching over my wardrobe (because when am I not excited about clothes?), I’m also all about fall activities. Like the full-on “basic” activities. I can’t wait to get pumpkins and decorate and burn all of my fall-scented candles (if you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw I started a bit early). I can’t wait to go apple picking and watch football games on Sunday and take walks among the crunchiest leaves. The only thing I’m sad about? Retiring my iced coffees. Though do I really need to?

Now where do I go?

Let’s go back to the beginning of this post where I referenced my “thousands” of blog posts. It’s not thousands but it’s quite a bit of a back-up. September has always been a difficult month for blogging, really anything that isn’t getting back into work. But August was a hard month too and I kind of feel like I’m struggling in this space.

Obviously you can tell that things have shifted for me. I’m still trying to figure out how that is going to work with blogging. I LOVE sharing bits of life and thoughts on the internet. I love the connections I’ve made and this community. I also feel like who I was last year is very different who I am this year. Obviously it’s going to be a lot more mom but in the nature of my blog: finding, doing, and wearing the things you love. I just have to find the time for blogging along with work and mom life. Yup, there will probably be a post on that.

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