August Shopping List: Back to Work Essentials

It’s been a little while since I’ve done a shopping list post. When you’re wearing jean shorts or leggings and a graphic tee most of your days, there’s not much reason to shop! But in a few weeks I’m going back to work so it’s time to start thinking about updating my work wardrobe.

August Shopping List: Back to Work Essentials

Tie waist pants // Wide leg pants // Polka dot midi skirt // Floral print blouse // Tie waist button down dress // Belted sheath dress // Open front cardigan

Whenever I’m headed back to work, I like to stock up on work wear essentials. For me, this always means a new cardigan, structured pants, and a few plain blouses. As much as I love color and pattern, it is so much easier to have a clean, plain clothing palette to deal with in the morning. I am not up for a ton of pattern mixing at 6am. That doesn’t mean that the clothes have to be boring; I love picking up various shades of pink (of course) and I’d love to add a piece or two in the rust color that seems to be popping up everywhere.

The other thing to worry about is durability. My work wear gets destroyed every school year because I’m sitting on the carpet, crouching next to desks, mixing together chemicals for science experiments, and just being a teacher who has a lot to do. So while I would love to have a very nice, higher end work wardrobe, a lot of the pieces have to stand up to a lot of movement. If only we could just wear jeans already!

What’s in your shopping cart this month?

August Shopping List: Back to Work Essentials - wear she blossoms