Violet's Six Month Update and Our Favorite Things from 0-6 Months

Violet's Six Month Update and Our Favorite Things from 0-6 Months - wear she blossoms
Violet's Six Month Update and Our Favorite Things from 0-6 Months - wear she blossoms

We made it! It’s been half a year with our Violet and where has the time gone?!? Nick and I were just talking the other night how we can barely remember life with our sleepy newborn now that we have this rambunctious six month old. She’s not on the move (yet) but she is one independent little girl!

One of the things I love about motherhood is getting to watch Violet grow and change. It seemingly happens overnight that she gets bigger, develops a new skill, and just becomes more of her own little person.

Whenever anyone asks how it’s going, I always tell them it’s wonderful because she is easy. Yes, Violet has her moments but overall she’s easy. When I think about why I was nervous while pregnant, it was because a lot of women told me how difficult it was. How their babies cried all the time and they were sleepless for days on end. Violet has her moments but she is easy going and happy and loves to cuddle. Of course, things could change but she is just the best little love bug.

Besides having a great personality, Violet is developing so many new skills! She can sit up independently for a long time, though I keep a pillow behind her just in case. She is curious and loves to turn things over in her hands to see if it makes sound, how it feels in her hand, and sometimes pops it in her mouth to see how it tastes. She just started rolling from her back to her tummy, which may be why she’s sleeping for longer and longer stretches. She’s starting to scoot and stretch while on her tummy so I guess we should start counting the days until we’re on the move!

The one thing that’s frustrating right now is that Violet is not taking to eating solid food. As per our pediatrician’s recommendation, we started to introduce rice cereal mixed with breast milk around 5 months. She was sitting up and holding her head up on her own since she was four months so we could start. She reluctantly eats a few spoonfuls while looking at us like we’re torturing her.

More recently we started offering mashed fruits and purees. These are worse. She full on acts like we’re poisoning her. It would be funny if I’m not living in fear that she won’t eat anything ever. But if I’ve learned anything from the nights of little sleep and refusing a bottle and struggling to roll over, is that everything comes in time. So we’re just going to keep offering mashed up fruits and veggies and now oats instead of rice until she realizes that solid real food is actually really good.

Violet's Six Month Update and Our Favorite Things from 0-6 Months - wear she blossoms

Our Favorite Things from the Past Six Months

And now for the good stuff! My favorite posts from other bloggers with babies is what their little one is loving at different points of their life. There is just so much out there it’s hard to know what to choose sometimes. Like when we were looking for bottles, there seemed to be a thousand different options and I love to do research but even I was overwhelmed. Knowing what works for real babies and how they used it is amazing, but it’s also important to realize what works for one baby might not work for yours.

Here’s what helped us survive for the first six months:

Munchkin Waterproof Changing Pad Liners - this inexpensive pack of pad liners is the best thing to ever happen to my life as a mom. If you don’t want to change the cover of your changing pad every time there’s a little accident (which there is ALWAYS a little accident), you need these. Tons of boy moms across the internet praised this because boys apparently pee all over the place but I think all moms need these. Whenever Violet has a little accident, I fix her up and then toss the liner in the laundry basket and set down a new liner on top of the changing pad. We have five liners (one liner got destroyed in the wash unfortunately) and they are a serious time saver.

Boppy Pillow - at first I wasn’t really into “the Boppy”. It’s hard to squeeze around your postpartum belly and figuring out how to position the baby can be difficult. As time went on I figured it out and it was so good to have the support. With supervision, I used it for tummy time propping and wedged her in there to prop her up before she could sit up. Now that she can sit up, I sit her in the middle of it to support her and as a cushion in case she falls backwards. I can’t compare it to the Brest Friend pillow which is highly recommended for breastfeeding but the Boppy is amazing since we’re still using it.

Marpac Dohm White Noise Machine and Marpac Hushh portable sound machine - I don’t think we would have survived these first six months without our sound machine. It is not a sleep crutch; it is a sleep essential. It helps signal to Violet that it’s time to sleep and, in our small house with its creaky floorboards, it covers up a lot of noise. We invest in this small, portable sound machine for our vacation instead of lugging the bigger machine with us. It’s just as powerful and I love that you can charge it with a USB cord.

Gerber Organic Cotton Burp Cloth Diapers - at my shower I got lots of pretty patterned burp clothes. They were great but they can’t keep up with these Gerber clothes. Technically they’re the traditional cloth diaper, not the fancy ones with inserts and snaps, just pin and go. This means they’re really soft, absorb everything, and are easy to wash and dry. I usually throw the “fancy” burp clothes in the diaper bag and keep these plain jane ones at home for the big messes (and yes, Violet was a big spitter upper so there were some BIG messes).

Baby Bjorn Bouncer - this bouncing seat was an investment but it has paid for itself time and again. Violet loves to look around and needs to know where we’re at all the time. This bouncing seat lets her sit up and watch me do everything from make breakfast to blow dry my hair. It lets me get so much done and keeps her comfy. We bought ours at Buy Buy Baby so it came with a toy bar which she only really started using around three months. It’s also pretty portable since it can fold flat and we took it with us on vacation.

Swipe N Snap Diaper Cream applicator - for something so small and seemingly superficial, this little device was the most used and useful thing in our arsenal last month. Swipe N Snap reached out to me way back around the two month mark and gifted this to me but I wasn’t able to use it right away since we didn’t have a compatible tube of diaper cream (FYI you need a diaper cream tube with a screw off top). Over vacation, Violet got a pretty nasty case of diaper rash so we switched to extra strength diaper cream and we popped this on the tube to give it a try. What the Swipe N Snap does is keep your hands clean while applying a generous amount of cream, which was so necessary when we were lathering it on after every single diaper change. So if you hate the messiness of applying cream with your fingers, you definitely need this.

Promptly Childhood Journal - I am using this for Violet’s baby book and just love it so much. It offers questions and prompts for each month to help you write about your child’s development. There’s a spot to feature a photo too. If you’re more into writing than printing and pasting a ton of pictures and little trinkets, this is for you. I wrote more about it in my March Reading, Watching, Listening, and Loving post.

Indestructible books - these chew-proof, rip-proof, machine washable books might be Violet’s favorite toy for the past two months. They are bright and colorful and she loves crunching them up and stuffing the pages in her mouth.

Sophie La Girafe So Pure Teether - probably her second favorite toy next to the Indestructible books and, surprise surprise, another thing she can put in her mouth! We call this “mini Sophie” since we also have the big squeaking Sophie. Violet loves them both but this one is great for popping into the diaper bag and keeping her entertained for awhile.

Skip Hop Vibrant Village Peek and Play Activity Book - I shared this in Violet’s four month update post but I’m sharing it again because this is the single best toy we own. She loves to crunch the “pages”, it helped make tummy time more entertaining, and its soft and chewable. I thought she would grow out of it as she got better at grabbing and playing with toys but there are so many parts to this toy that she’s still loving it.

Books, books, and more books! - in the last two months, Violet has fallen in love with books and it makes me SO happy. She giggles every time I open a book in front of her and she listens so intently. Every time I find a book at a reasonable price, I drop it in my cart. I’m working on a post on how to find affordable books to build your baby’s (and your own) library because books are the best investment you can make from day one.