Crying the Good Cry

tears in heaven by mariacaridad


The blogs I choose to read focus on being happy, being the best you, having the life you dream of. And that's why I read them; because I want to be happy and have a happy life. Yet I was thinking about being upset and frustrated and the best advice I got from some of these blogs was "just stick with it", "everything will work out", "if it doesn't work the first time, it will eventually work out for you", and of course, "Stay Positive!" I want to stay positive all the time; I really, really do. But sometimes life can be overwhelming, things aren't going your way and being positive takes more energy and effort than you have left.

That might be the time to have a good cry. We are continually told not to cry because crying doesn't solve anything. Tears can seemĀ embarrassingĀ or humiliating. It seems weak because we are succumbing to all the pressures, duties and feelings that we are supposed to bear without complaint or frustration.

It is not weak. Sometimes things are too much and you are frustrated. Don't bury your feelings and make them insignificant. If you want to cry, go ahead and cry. Make it a good one: drag all those feelings from the bottom of your heart and feel them. Acknowledge that you are overwhelmed by life. Let crying being your physical recognition of how you feel. Know that what you are feeling at that moment is significant.

Once you've had your cry, LET IT GO. You gave over a little time to be frustrated/sad/unhappy and didn't try to give more energy by forcing yourself to be happy. Now it is time to MOVE ON. Don't let your bad feelings have more of your time or energy than that simple and good cry. At least in my experience, crying will eliminate your bad feelings and give you hope. You can do it now, without dwelling on the unhappiness that was holding you back. Get back to work and read those blog posts about happiness and positivity and apply them. Make it like the sunshine that appears after rainstorm.