Eats Premiere!: Silk City Diner

Since we're coming up on a holiday that revolves around eating a big delicious meal, I thought now would be the right time to debut my  "Eats" articles. Eats will basically be restaurant reviews from the many, many fantastically scrumptious places I happen to stumble upon. I love food; cooking it, eating it, savoring every last bite. In my travels just around my area between NYC and Philly, I have found some great places to really shout about.

For my premiere, I'm going to relive my Saturday lunch at Silk City Diner in Philly. My boyfriend, who loves eating at interesting places almost as much as I do, recommended that we head into the city to this diner that moonlights as a nightclub. That's right, it's also a night club. For all of you partiers out there, it's like a small slice of heaven when you can get good diner food at the same place as your favorite cocktail. Unfortunately I only read about this small diner's reputation for fun and crazy dance parties but I'm going to put some plans in the work to hit it up late at night. But even though the party was not raging at 1pm, it was still a great spot to grab a fun bite to eat.

Located not too far from some of Philadelphia's bars like McFadden's and Buckheads, it's easily spotted as a shiny metal diner attached to a crazy mosaic covered building, not to mention the new beer garden (why did I have to come in November?!). Since the diner part of Silky City was full except for their old fashioned counter, we chose to sit in the lounge part. The dark red walls, velvet blacklit paintings, bats and the bar gave us the impression of strolling into a hip night spot in the bright daylight...oh wait, we were. Though it smelled like the morning after a good party, the food more than made up for it. My boyfriend ordered the breakfast special though I tried to get him to order the cinnamon honey french toast. I try to make him adventurous but it's going to take some time. I opted for the grilled three cheese with tomato. Oh my goodness,  Swiss, Provolone, and American melted to perfection on soft and delicious brioche. And did I mention hand cut fries? I was in Saturday lunch heaven. I couldn't have asked for anything more.

I wholeheartedly recommend Silk City Diner for their basic but funky food and great atmosphere, even in the daylight. If you live near Philly or just stopping by, check it out for some good eats!


Silk City Diner, 435 Spring Garden St. Philadelphia, PA

215-592-8838, Open daily 4pm-1am, Brunch Sat. & Sun. 10am-4pm