Love and Marriage: A Single Girl's Confession

There, you caught me: I have perused the November issue of Brides magazine. Well, more than perused. Okay, I read it. There is my most scandalous confession: I am a single girl and  have a love of everything wedding and marriage. I am in a loving relationship with the most amazing guy ever but I am nowhere close to being ready to get married. I am not dreaming of a romantic proposal and a sparkly ring. I simply love weddings.

There is something about parties and planning them that just fills me with fizzy, happy bubbles (I mean this literally). I love sifting through party websites like the Acme Party Box Company. I think about a long banquet table out in a park with mismatched china, depression glass goblets and frilly party dresses on a regular basis. I would love to plan a little girl's summer birthday party with a Gidget theme. That's why my job is perfect: planning silly, fun activities for the elderly. Some days I get to live out my dreams and make tissue paper flowers for a dog wedding. Parties are fun condensed to a few sparkly hours of perfection. I was raised by a mother who's known for her party perfection and I wouldn't be surprised if party planning wasn't imprinted on my genes. A wedding party is a huge, gigantic, frilly party celebrating love. And how can I not be in love with that?

Reading and thinking about weddings makes me happy. But I am not engaged; I am not even thinking about getting married. I am much more focused about going back to school, writing and making my life fantastically special ALL BY MYSELF. I don't want my lack of commitment to mean that I have to miss out on a certain sector of party planning. So I am giving myself and all you other girls out there who love parties and weddings and all their fabulous details permission to freely and openly love it. Why should such beautiful photos of dresses and flower arrangements and tents under the stars be reserved for girls with a bit of sparkle on a certain finger? I am not a sad old maid or a desperate girl wishing, wanting, dying for a boyfriend and the perfect ring. Nope, I'm a happy, somewhat well-adjusted young woman in her 20s who just happens to enjoy reading wedding blogs and magazines. This is another way of me saying, Free yourself from the misconceptions and stigmas of the world! Love what you love and don't be afraid.

Now that I've cleared that business up, there are quite a few wedding websites that I love. I am currently crushing on Elsie of A Beautiful Mess's new blog, Le Wedding Party. I love it so much because even if you're not planning your wedding, she features the cutest accessories and prettiest ideas for dressing up your every day life. I'm also really into 100 Layer Cake's blog. Though definitely very focused on weddings, it's got some great ideas for making really unique parties and a lot of times through DIY. I definitely want to use their idea for DIY silhouette escort cards to jazz up some drinks.

And though I am not a future bride myself, I want to offer a big congratulations to all of you out there! I'm not trying to steal your thunder; just maybe want to be your wedding planner. Go out and be sparkly!