Monthly Challenge: Celebrate the Season

This month's challenge is my little gift to myself. There is nothing I love more than Christmas time (I know I said something similar about Halloween, but seriously this is my ultimate holiday). The December days leading up to the 25th feel more special and magical than other days of the year. Everything is decked out in lights and sparkles and silver and gold. There are candy and treats and holiday parties. Even though it's cold and I HATE the cold, it's somehow better now than in January and February, even if my toes are blue inside my boots. It really is "the most wonderful time of the year." But as magical as Christmas is for me, in the recent years I feel like I've let that magic slip away. The magic of Christmas is not so easily obtained when you are working long days dealing with someone's unhappy family members or running around trying to decorate, create and clean up someone else's perfect Christmas. Then there's the holiday traffic going home from work and the long lines at the stores when all you really need  is a pair of new black tights. And as delicious as the food is, it's only six short months from bikini season. All of these thoughts polluting my head have made me a real Scrooge. What happened to the mystical magic of the holidays when I still believed in Santa? Why should I let all these things that I have no control over pollute my Christmas season? What can I do to have the perfect Christmas?

And that's my challenge: to really celebrate the season for all it's worth. I am going to do all the old things that I loved about Christmas: making gingerbread cookies complete with decorations, decorating all out for the season and wishing and hoping for the best presents Santa can get me. I also want to be happier and spread a little Christmas cheer, which some may forget unless pressed to crack a smile. I want to spend time with family and friends and my loved one and bask in the love and happiness that they give me. I might craft some of my own decorations and try some Christmas traditions that I might not have ever done before. And I'm also going to make sure that Christmas is my own. Instead of buying an e-reader or fancy vintage dinnerware, my challenge is going to be the best gift I ever gave myself.