Monthly Challenge Update: Is this too easy?

Maybe I overestimated my Scrooge-ness. And how busy I am when it comes to Christmas activities. I have found myself in the past week inundated with Christmas activities guaranteed to make anyone excited about the holiday season. At work alone, I baked gingerbread cookies and have put together a total of five Christmas trees and decked the halls with garlands and wreaths on every door. It's starting to make me feel like a kid again and it's surprisingly easy to find things to do for Christmas. The biggest thing I have noticed from this challenge it's made me more cognizant of feeling the Christmas spirit. Maybe the challenge feels easy probably because I am more aware that I need to revel in the season. I am aware that I should be celebrating the season and not letting it go by unnoticed. My first week doing this challenge I have:

Put up my wreath. It only cost me about $5 and it makes me so happy every time I go in and out of my room. It's Christmas my way!

Found lots of Christmas trees in Philadelphia. My boyfriend and I had lots of holiday fun in the city. It also happened to be his birthday weekend and we did lots of amazing Christmas things which I will write a post about since I can't possibly fit it all in here.

It was a pretty good Christmas weekend but I have lots planned for this upcoming weekend. Here's a mini preview:

* Holiday light mega show (you will want to hear about that!)

* Putting up my tree with my honey

* And baking more holiday goodies!

If you have any really interesting and fun things to do for Christmas, please comment and let me know!