Monthly Challenge Update: It's Almost Here!

The goal for this challenge was to really enjoy the holiday season and all it has to offer. I didn't want to go through the month of December without acknowledging all the wonderful things about this time of the year. Funny enough, I have been so busy with holiday things that the fact that Christmas is a little over a week away just crept up on me today! I've been so busy getting through the holiday season with celebrations at work and fun Christmas things at home that it totally snuck up on me. With the big day right around the corner, I still have to wrap all my presents, maybe make a gingerbread house, and hopefully visiting a drive thru nativity. That's right, a drive thru nativity. Definitely going to report back on that one. Since I last had a moment to bring you an update, I've been busy doing a lot of very Christmas-y things. Last Thursday night, I helped my Mom put up the tree in our living room and then last Saturday my boyfriend and I put up our own Christmas tree.

Remember when I went with my boyfriend to blow the glass ornament for our tree? There it is! With the green and blue swirl, it's too beautiful to use just on the Christmas tree. I'm hoping to figure out where I can hang it in my room for the rest of the year.

And yes, we wore matching plaid shirts. Doesn't it just seem right for the holiday season? I'm loving the plaid flannel look, especially with the temperatures as low as they have been.

It's such a beautiful addition to  my room! And I love all the personal ornaments we have mixed with the cheapies we bought from Target. That dollar section saves me every time! Hopefully next year we'll travel a lot more and get even more ornaments for our tree. The best part about putting up a Christmas tree is all the memories that go along with it. On our family tree, my Mom has ornaments from all of our travels around the world and also from special moments in our life. Mixed with the cutest vintage glass ornaments, I have to say she does a great job every time.

After a day full of decorating and trimming the tree, what better end than to go to the holiday light show at Shady Brook Farms in Newtown, Pa. I say "light show" but it's more like a light extravaganza. This is a huge farm, I'm not sure how many acres, and they create drive thru light display that is greater than any crazy neighborhood.

This whole light show is so extravagant and huge that you feel like a kid again. It almost seems magical as you drive for nearly 30 minutes through this whole display.

I highly recommend finding something similar to Shady Brook Farms' display. Or just drive around until you find the craziest neighborhood in your area. There's always one street somewhere. The crazy lights just feels so holiday to me and really puts you in the holiday spirit. How can you be a Grinch when someone can put up such a beautiful display?