Bring it on, 2011

It's almost the end of the first week of 2011. I've never been traditional about doing my new year's resolutions. Probably because, since the time that I was sixteen and could work, I have worked incessantly from the week before Christmas until New Year's Day (save Christmas of course). Therefore I never make the time to think about what I want to accomplish in the new year. I'm the kind of person who really likes to reflect on what I hope to accomplish in a new year. It needs to be meaningful but I don't want to do anything crazy hard. I don't want to stress about meeting my goals. Instead I want to set goals that I know I can work hard to accomplish and then urge me to go beyond their parameters. Here are my top 3 goals for 2011:

1. Get back in running shape.

2. Be a better blogger.

3. Design more and stretch my creative muscles.

I'm pretty excited about my new goals. I worked hard on last year's resolutions and I feel like I accomplished a lot. 2010 set the stage for a magical, wonderful 2011. But I always get a little anxious as I put the resolutions I hope to conquer on paper. There can be a lot of hard work to making these positive changes and accomplishing worthy goals but how are you going to get it done?

Goals and resolutions are a great way to motivate yourself but don't let them stress you out. Though you might be feeling the motivation right now sometimes, it might be two months from now or in October, you might be overwhelmed by the enormity of your resolution. Don't get crazy; a resolution is a goal to do something better. If you worry about accomplishing it, it's not doing your life any good. So step back and evaluate it: what can get done? A big goal is only accomplished by many tiny steps. Take as many steps as you can take and then take a break. It'll get done in the next twelve months and, if not, re-evaluate and start again next year.

Another way to accomplish that big goal is to get some help. Asking for help is a greatly underestimated tactic for getting things done. We're in a culture obsessed with independence and blazing our own path but every great individual needs a team behind them to support them. Don't do it alone; grab your team, your cheering squad, your friends and get down to business. Use them as motivators and a safe place to bounce your great ideas around. Those that love you are there for you no matter what, trust me.

Most of all, as you work on those big goals you've set for this new year, have fun. You want to make your life better and sweeter, not a stressed out, crazy goal-oriented black hole. Maybe that's a little extreme but just make sure that when you're working on crossing the finish line at the marathon, finishing your last semester of law school or building your blog empire, it's what's making you happy.

Are you ready, 2011? Here we come!