Adventures and Outfitting in Manayunk, PA

This is a story in which I combine my love of clothing and my love of adventuring. A few Saturdays ago, my boyfriend and I decided to have a mini adventure to break up the monotony of watching movies on the couch and catching up on Teen Mom. We didn't go far; just about an hour from my house to Manayunk, PA, a funky suburb of Philly.

The main downtown section has a bustling nightlife with bars lining the street and a good late night cheesesteak shop. But during the daytime it's equally awesome for good vintage shopping. There are lots of cute boutiques with furniture and housewares and some with clothes. Manayunk definitely has great places to eat too. We went to a small wine bar/brick oven pizza place. It was a little pretentious but still delicious. After lunch, we strolled along the river and took our fashion photos.

stripped button down shirt, jcrew

skinny jeans, levi's

pink weave flats, kimchi blue, urban outfitters

bag, urban outfitters

scarf from my adventures in tangier, morocco

white ray-bans, neiman marcus

It was such a fabulous early Spring day and I cannot wait for the weather to get warmer. It just makes you want to get dressed up and adventure! I knew we were going to be adventuring all day so I chose my usual preppy casual look: skinny jeans, button down and flats. I love my button downs when the weather is transitional because I never get too hot and they're easy to layer. And I never thought I would wear an cross-body bag but I bought this one on sale at Urban Outfitters and it is fab!

Those are my favorite bracelets that I love to pile on with almost any casual outfit. The top one is "no worries" beads, the first piece of jewelry I ever got from my boyfriend, the middle one is a gift from my mom from her recent trip to Ireland, and the last one is another gift from my boyfriend, braided leather stamped with lyrics from one of our favorite songs, that he ordered on etsy. Rarely do I just go out and buy jewelry. I buy a lot of jewelry on my travels or get them as gifts from family and friends. I love it because all of my accessories have some special story and meaning to me.

To conclude our day, we headed into Philly for an amazing dinner at a restaurant we just walked up to (more to come later) and then went to see "The Music Never Stopped" at the Ritz theater. Overall, a fantastic day in a comfy, prep chic outfit!