I'm Just A Summer Girl...

The weather here in New Jersey has been oh-so-delicious lately. It may at times be hot and humid enough to feel like you're wrapped in a warm, damp washcloth but, with the sun shining, you can't stop me from smiling especially after the dreary May we've had. May 1st last year I was sitting in the sand at Point Pleasant beach; this year I'm pretty certain I was wearing long pants. But this past week has felt likke, to me, the official start of summer. Dust off that old bikini, it's time to head down the Shore!

My annual summer tradition, aside from switching my sweaters and shorts and that very first beach trip, is to write a list of everything I want to do over the summer. It's nothing extensive or particularly thrilling, just some simple goals and things I know I'll only be able to accomplish over course of the summer. I write it all down in my little Compendium notebook I carry in my purse and try my very best to check them all off. Here's my list for Summer 2011:

* Read as many books as possible-- both adult and children's (to prepare my for teaching in an elementary school!!!)

* Bake lots and lots of cupcakes

* Write more (for the blog and personally)

* Take lots of video and write about our trip to Tennessee!

* Go to an open-air theater performance

* Write one letter a week to someone (this may be a little ambitious for a girl with limited time as it is...)

* Be a good summer eater and exerciser-- lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and time outside

It's nothing I can't handle and I'm so very excited to start working on them. I already plan on tackling the first book of the Harry Potter series this weekend. Got any interesting goals or plans for this summer?