One Word in 2012

Three days into this new year and I am still busy getting things organized for a new year. I never find myself adequately prepared for the new year until a few days in and I'm lucky that I've been able to reflect enough to create my resolutions. One of those resolutions is to focus more and figure out what I'd like to achieve every day in 2012. When I came across Elise Blaha Cripe's post about choosing one word for the year, it was just too perfect an idea for me to pass up and a great way to help my focus. Often when I am attempting to meditate and clear my mind, I'll focus on just one word to guide me. So by choosing just one word, I will have something extra to guide my year and to focus my every day tasks, big and small. Without further ado, here's my word for 2012:  





I thought it would take me a long time to come up with the word I wanted to think about for 365 days but it came to me in a flash of brilliance while toiling away at the job that I dislike and am leaving in two short weeks. Since deciding to embark on the path to become a teacher, I have realized that anything is possible and if you live with this conviction, magical things will happen. I am constantly telling people around me that "yes, you can do it", "it's possible" no matter what it may be. I say this because it's true. You have the power to make things possible in your own life. Not everything is a probability but anything can be a possibility if you want it to be. This belief is so strong in my heart that I don't fear the great big unknown that my life is about to become this year. Because complete happiness and success are all possible as long as I believe they are. Possible; that is my big, exciting, magical word for 2012. 

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