Rowhouse Red

Shirt: Forever 21, Skirt: Forever 21, Tights: Target, Shoes: Target, Necklace: vintage, gifted, Bag: Forever 21, Scarf: thirfted

This is what I wore last Saturday for my boyfriend's family Christmas. I never liked wearing red and I can't remember why. Something about the color red (too bold, too brash?) kept that particular color banned from my wardrobe for many years; I didn't even wear it on Valentine's day. I am still not red's best friend but slowly I have been integrating it into my everyday fashion: bold red lipstick, red-orange comfy sweater and the above red skirt. Now that I'm wearing it, there's something fun and sassy about that little pop of red. 

What I love about this outfit was that it was just dressy enough to make the occasion something special but it was super comfortable. When you're going to spend lots of time with your significant other's family, it's important to be comfy. Choose cottons even in the winter because you never know what temperature it's going to be in the house you're visiting. Believe me, if you are visiting the elderly, you will want to be wearing something breathable. Don't you just love these adorable patent leather mary janes? I bought them from Target many years ago and have worn them so many times that their days may be numbered. Patent leather is the perfect dress up, dress down material. They also add a little bit of interest in contrast to flat black. The top portion of my outfit could be a little too spring-like but the mary janes and the tights make it just right for this unseasonably warm winter.

Besides the fact that I wore this outfit while in an actual rowhouse in Philadelphia, I also named this post in honor of one of my favorite beers, Rowhouse Red, by the Philadelphia Brewing Company. Check it out, I promise it's delicious!