A Brand New Way

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You might have noticed that this week I finally, in the whole history of my blog, was able to put up a post on every weekday. Yay! Of course this is all due to the fact that school hasn't started yet and I'm only working part time. But I must also give credit to sticking by my resolution to focus more, especially in the blog arena. Part of that includes giving myself some guidelines to follow as I write interesting posts for you, my readers, to get your hands on. The goal of The Lemonade Stand is to be a space that inspires others, gives advice from my unique perspective and is just a lot of fun for me and my readers. In sticking with these ideas, I decided to put together a weekday schedule.

On Mondays, you'll find my favorite links from all over the internet

Tuesdays are pieces of advice or musings about ways to live a better life

Wednesday is when I get to share all my fun experiences and lots of pictures

Thursday is when I'll be putting up posts that go with the series of the month

and finally, Friday is Fashion Friday so get ready for some fashion posts and tips about dressing for success.

All of this to bring you the very best I can on The Lemonade Stand.

**Oh happy new blogging days!**