Preppy Fringe

Shirt: Jcrew, Cardigan: Forever21, Jeans: Levi's, Boots: Minnetonka, Necklace: Anthropologie

What do you wear when you're going to a Princeton University basketball game? Your perfectly preppy dudes of course! Last Saturday I wasn't going to just any Princeton basketball game; they were playing against Harvard and you can't get much more rivalry and prep than that. Growing up near the university, I'm used to ivy league fashion. I wanted to wear something black and orange to show my Princeton pride but didn't like anything I was throwing together so I picked this outfit out instead. 

Of course my puppy was not satisfied to just watch the photo shoot, he wanted to be the star! I call him a puppy but this guy is an old man at just over 14 years old. He was being very needy, probably because he knew we were heading out without him. Unfortunately no puppies are allowed in the stadium and nobody would believe he's just a furry baby. Maybe if he didn't smell so bad...

I love the whole outfit and it was super comfortable for hanging out on the bleachers. I especially love my Minnetonka boots. I've been a moccasin devotee for years but was on the fence about whether I could pull off these boots. I am so glad I took the plunge and bought them! They are super comfortable and add a little twist to any outfit. Who doesn't love fringe?

I couldn't resist throwing on this necklace. Every preppy outfit comes with pearls but I like the big statement these bright white beads mixed with gold chains that this necklace makes. It was hard to get a good picture but I'll definitely wear it again and again and again.