A case of the crickets

There are definitely crickets chirping at The Lemonade Stand. It's not because I don't love my little corner of the internet and giving you all bits and pieces of advice that I've picked up and my favorite fashions. It just happens that this January was the start of my student teaching experience.  What an experience it has been so far! I am teaching second grade and it is wonderful to go in to school every day and see twenty-three smiling, eager faces. But all those eager faces are brains that need to be grown into amazing and insightful grown-ups. The process starts here and now in elementary school and even though this is not my forever classroom, I still have my duty to do right by these kids. So right now my heart and soul has been consumed by teaching. I can't say I am regretting a moment of this experience. I am learning in a wonderful, welcoming school with one of the most intelligent classes I have ever met. I always wanted to be a teacher, even if I got sidetracked, but now that dream is becoming reality and it's fantastic.

The thing is, the whole teaching thing is kind of consuming. I find myself thinking about what I need to do in the classroom first thing in the morning until I go to bed at night. I get sidetracked by ideas for the classroom. If you follow my Pinterest, you'll find that my pins have been a mix of my usual pretty images and teaching ideas. I wouldn't give it up for anything but the devouring of my life by student teaching has unfortunately affected this blog. 

What I ask of all of you who are still reading my blog is that you bear with me. I am not going to turn this space into a teaching blog; it'll be the same as always. But you'll have to wait until May for more regular posting. I do promise though that whatever I put up is going to be the best of what you expect here at The Lemonade Stand.