Walking the Dog

Jacket: Forever 21, Jeans: Gap, Moccasins: Minnetonka

It's getting pretty balmy here in the mid-Atlantic (uh, ninety degrees on Monday?!) but there are still some cool evenings. Well, my boyfriend would probably let me know that the evenings are not cool, I am just cold pretty much all the time. That's true but I don't care because I get to wear cute jackets like the one above. I've been dying for a cute army green jacket but funds are pretty tight around here. This jacket was easy on the wallet and my only gripe would be that it is pretty thin. It'll be reserved for those spring and summer nights when you need a little something extra at night.

Top and Tank: Forever 21, Belt: American Eagle

And here's what's under the jacket. Boy, do I wear a lot of Forever 21. I wish that wasn't always the case but being a student and worrying about finding a job for the fall doesn't leave a lot in the bank for clothes. While thrifting would be a great option, I just haven't got the time or the motivation to battle the crowds at the local one. So bear with me and my Forever fashion. It's still cute right?

The cute pup who won't participate in the photo shoot because he really just wants to walk is my lovely old dog, Claude. He's going on fourteen years old this year but he's still like a puppy. How could you resist this scruffy guy?