Lazy Lancaster Adventure

The boy and I love to have our little adventures on the weekends but have had to curtail our habit of hopping in the car in favor of studying and planning. But a few weeks ago, I was on Spring Break and had been a good girl and did all my work ahead of time. That meant time for an adventure so we picked our old standby Lancaster. The "big" city in Amish country has some pretty cute spots to explore and I love to search through the vintage stores and funky boutiques. This time we enjoyed the road and wandered around without any plan in mind. Perfection!


Our first stop was lunch at Lancaster Dispensing Company. Located next to Lancaster's indoor market, the restaurant and bar are housed in an old Victorian building. A stamped tin ceiling and dark wood bar made my history-loving heart happy even though the restaurant was a tad bit crowded. The beers were okay and the food was okay but the decor was definitely cooler than everything else.

After lunch we were walking around and saw a guy sitting in a window with a beer flight in front of him. My boyfriend says let's see what that's all about and that's how we had an amazing afternoon trying craft brews from Spring House Brewery Taproom. Awesome people, awesome beers and awesome french fries (always the most important thing in my book). We ordered all the beers in the flight and among those sampled the Pineapple Pale Ale, the Diabolical dr. Wit and the Pecan Sandie Porter. And yes, the pineapple and pecan beers tasted just as they sounded.

Since the weather was so nice, we decided to just drive through the Amish countryside checking out the Amish people driving their buggies and working on the farm and admiring the beautiful countryside that's not too far from the city.

Not wanting the day to end too soon, we followed up on the offhanded comment my boyfriend made earlier in the day about Stoudt's Brewery in Adamstown. Since it was on the way home, it was no big deal to wander off the highway and head over to this brewery and Victorian restaurant. The restaurant was crazy classic with all sorts of early 20th century details including a stained glass sign over the bar and an old Bell telephone booth. Everyone there was ancient and we almost didn't escape from the plush armchairs at our table. It was an amazing dinner experience and a perfect ending to our awesome adventure.

More adventures to come soon, I promise!