Road Trip to Georgia Part One: What We Did

Last week, after a long and tiresome semester of student teaching and studying, my boyfriend and I decided to take a road trip to one of my favorite states, Georgia. Back in college, I did an internship on Jekyll Island, GA one summer but even before that I had fallen in love with the state. I can't even pinpoint the exact reason I love being in there so much. Maybe because it's pretty different from the suburban environment I grew up in and the beach there is pretty clean and the water is warm, even in May. Either way I was so excited to show my guy the state that I adore.

It all began with a fourteen hour trip starting at 4:30am. Which is probably why there aren't a lot of on the road pictures. But of course, I took a picture of the stellar BBQ restaurant we stopped at in Goldsboro, NC and then a trip down I-95 wouldn't be complete without a stop at South of the Border in South Carolina. The weather was pretty nasty the whole way down until we were halfway through South Carolina. And finally I knew we were close once we saw the bridge from South Carolina into Savannah.

We decided to spend most of our time on Tybee Island, just a short 30 minute drive outside of Savannah. I vacationed there with my family for several years and was so excited to be back after a four year break. The plan was to soak up as much sun as possible since it has been dreary, gray and chilly up in New Jersey at the end of April. I needed some sun!

I took these pictures on the beach our very first morning there. Unfortunately the good weather wasn't going to happen that first day and the clouds started rolling in and it got too chilly to sit out in a bikini pretending to get a tan. So we decided to cut our beach day short and go explore Savannah.

We wandered through Forsyth Park with the beautiful fountain and I made sure that my Yankee boyfriend admired the Spanish moss and grand Southern architecture. Savannah is surely the best place for an old building lover. I couldn't get enough of the Victorian details and fantastic ironwork. I love the slow pace of the city helped out by the crawl around the many squares. But the highlight of our visit to Savannah was waiting for a thunderstorm to pass through in the Lady and Sons store and finding out that Paula Deen was doing a book signing! Say what you will about Paula and her diet but I love her and learned to cook so much from her cookbooks. I was not about to wait in the line that stretched itself out under the torrential downpours but I did stand on tiptoe to see her through the bars of a gate separating her from the crowds. She even came up and waved with her signature, "Hey y'all!"

On Tuesday and Thursday, the boy and I spent as much time out in the sun as possible. We managed to escape with very few burns and I wore very little make-up and enjoyed being a total beach bum.

It had to be one of the most relaxing trips I've had in the past few years. We were truly able to just do nothing and I didn't worry about make-up or straight hair (which was a good thing because the humidity was not helping). I didn't even take that many pictures and don't really have any from our journey home, besides the food we ate. I feel recharged and ready to conquer all that the summer has to offer. I also loved the quality time my boyfriend and I had to just be together without school, work and job applications distracting us. Ahh, I'm so happy right now.

This post is only what we did on Tybee and Savannah. Stay tuned for our journey to Jekyll Island and then a whole post about the amazing and fabulous food we ate, yum!