A Book that Inspires

...you to embrace love

I'm bringing back my "A Book that Inspires" series after reading the truly amazing book above. I'm also back to writing about some great reads because I've got time once again to read, hurray! While I don't always read inspirational books (I did in fact finish the Hunger Games series), sometimes you need a little uplifting in your everyday life. For my vacation, I purchased Kelle Hampton's Bloom for my Nook on a whim because I saw it in the background of another blogger's photo. Though that may be a strange way to go about picking your reading material, I'm really glad I decided to do it so I could share this inspiring read with all of you.

This book is a memoir chronicling the birth and first year of Kelle Hampton's second daughter, Nella. Kelle has a successful blog, Enjoying the Small Things, so many readers are already familiar with Nella's story before they even pick the book up. Thankfully I was not and I think it made the story even more powerful for me. Nella was born with Down Syndrome and while it is usually diagnosed while the mother is pregnant, Nella was not and it was a shocking surprise for Kelle and her husband. Struggling with the diagnosis and how profoundly their lives changed that January day, Kelle beautifully describes her personal struggles and the way her family and friends and her own positive attitude helped her come to terms with the special needs of her daughter.

“Through pain and growth, I have come to appreciate — no, more than that — I’ve come to love my fence, even though it may be different from the neighbors’.  The concept of perfection is not flawless or ripped from a magazine.  It’s happiness.  Happiness with all its messiness and not-quite-thereness.  It’s knowing that life is short, and the moments we choose to fill our cup with should be purposeful and rich.  That we should be present for life, that we should drink deeply.  And that’s perfection.”

What really made me want to review this book and include it in my inspiring book series is how friends and family create a network of love that surrounds not only Nella but touches everyone that knows her. Not everything in life is peachy and perfect and Kelle tells about how she grieves for the baby she thought she was having and the life she knows will never be. I believe that so many people can relate to this feeling and her journey shows just how love, if you embrace it and give it, will bring so much beauty and happiness into your life. While some may criticize Kelle for being "too optimistic" I don't think there's any such thing. She describes how much time it took to accept it and how she still struggles with having a special needs child. But she does emphasize how happy and thankful she is to have two beautiful daughters, a loving husband, and a caring group of family and friends and that thankfulness is something that lifts you up throughout the book.

Bloom for me was really a story of embracing love even in the most difficult of times. Life is never easy but if you have the love and support of those around you, you will make it. If you give love and make it a priority in your life, only good things will come of it. Go out and read Kelle Hampton's Bloom and you won't be disappointed. Once you're done, go over to her blog to find out what Kelle, Nella, Lainey and the whole crew are up to today!