Bicycles, Bicycles!

Last Sunday was the annual Philadelphia International Bike Race, an event I didn't know about until last year. My mom, boyfriend and I stumbled upon it when we were trying to go to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. I can't remember what exhibit we were there to see because that whole day was overshadowed by the craziness of seeing a ton of really fast bikers whizzing by. We also had a rowdy good time watching the race on tv during lunch at The Bishop's Collar, a tasty restaurant in Fairmount, just a block or two away from the museum. So this year we were psyched to actually know what was going on and plan on seeing the bikers. While lots of Philadelphians claim the party is really at the infamous Wall in Manayunk, I liked our vantage point near the art museum. There wasn't public drinking but we did get to see the winner cross the finish line.

TD Bank was passing out cow bells and we had so much fun ringing them. We went back to The Bishop's Collar for lunch again and there were lots of people ringing them in there, grabbing a quick bite before returning to the race.

The most exciting part of the race was definitely the end. I thought for sure this one rider in a white jersey was going to win the whole thing. He was in the lead pack the whole time but not in the lead, just biding his time to zoom up and cross the finish line first. Well then the whole rest of the racers caught up to the leaders and some random racer that I didn't even see before ended up winning. It was crazy!

Going to the bike race is now going to be an annual tradition for me now. The sidelines have a party atmosphere and there's nothing better than the backdrop of the Philly skyline and the impressive art museum steps. Plus who else can say they attend a major bike race every year?