The Simplest Scrapbook

I'm really getting into DIY projects lately. It's incredibly easy to turn all that inspiration and random pins into a reality when you finally have the time. I guess unemployment is good for one thing at least. Plus the perfectionist in me was never going to be content with something I rushed to get done. So this crafty silver lining led to one of my favorite new projects: a card scrapbook.

For years (basically since I was ten) I've been saving cards. Holiday, birthday, graduation, just because, I saved them all. I was inspired to do so when I discovered one of my mom's childhood scrapbooks in our basement and she had all these cards saved. I thought it would be so neat to save the pretty cards and to preserve the sweet sentiments I received. But I didn't actually do anything with those cards until last week, meaning I have tons of cards saved up. That turned out to be okay because, instead of making one scrapbook, I'm (still) making many.

The inspiration for this scrapbook came from Pinterest (of course) via but there were no instructions attached to the pin so I made it up as I went along.


Book rings (I used 1" size for their color)

Single hole puncher

Card stock

Greeting cards


Markers and/or sharpies

1. You will want to start by using one card as a template for all the other cards. I suggest picking a pretty standard size card. Decide where you would like to bind your book. I chose to punch about 1 inch from the top and the bottom and pretty close to the fold of the card so that the front and back covers would line up nicely along the seam.

2. Taking your template card, line it up on all the other cards and make a mark through the holes to show you were you will need to punch. Pay careful attention to lining up the top and bottom of the cards. I had several small cards so I focused on lining the top of those cards with my template. When I had a larger card, I tried to match up the card fold and making sure the same amount of card would show at the top and the bottom. Your biggest concern ultimately is making sure the two holes are the same distance from one another so that you will be able to connect all your cards. Go ahead and punch all of your cards.

3. Make the front and back cover by taking your template card and outlining it twice on a piece of card stock. If you have chip board or a thin cardboard, that works well too. Cut those two out then mark and punch holes like you did with your cards. Create your cover design. I used my new stamps for one of my cover designs; I love them!

4. Now it's time to assemble it! Put the back cover on both rings then put the cards on. With some books I have a specific order but with others I just put them in randomly. Once they're all on, put the front cover on and close the rings. Viola! Your scrapbook is done!