Eats: Sketch Burger

There is nothing in life better than a juicy burger. Okay, that statement might be a bit of an exaggeration but if you like a good burger, I've got a new place for you to check out in Philadelphia by the name of Sketch Burger. This was the lunch spot of choice for Nick and I this past Saturday.

With temperatures soaring to 100 degrees, we were among the few brave souls who did not flee for the Jersey shore (surprising since I'm there even when it barely reaches 70). The city was quiet and cooking but we were ready for a new adventure, which to us is usually of the culinary kind. We'd heard some pretty good reviews of Sketch Burger but it's location on Girard Ave is actually pretty sketchy. It's in an area of Philly called Fishtown and it's been experiencing a revitalization in recent years so not as sketchy as North Philly but definitely not Center City. Nick's mom grew up in the area which was a big benefit since you have to scour the side streets for some parking and he knew just where to go.

It's a tiny storefront with a few tables inside and some cafe tables on the street but no one was going to sit there in the hot weather. We grabbed a table that had really comfortable multi-colored mesh patio chairs as seating. After I sunk into one, I didn't want to leave. The walls and our table was covered with, what else, sketches. There are some really good artists grabbing a burger here!

I ordered a truffle butter burger with mushrooms. I've been on a mushroom kick for two months or more, finding any and every excuse to gobble down mushrooms, and truffle butter sounded delicious. Nick was semi-adventurous in going for the bison burger. We also got the thick-cut Belgian fries.

Oh my goodness, all those good reviews did not disappoint! I loved my burger which was piled high with mushrooms and had the most perfectly toasted bun. I ate that burger like I hadn't eaten a burger before. Nick loved his too and the fries were huge! We're talking really thick fries that seemed more like small potatoes. So there was dessert too that looked amazing like vegan Mexican wedding cookies, a chocolate chunk cookie with dark chocolate and cashews and thick brownies. Unfortunately I am a light weight in the burger department and I could barely finish my big fat burger but it was oh so good! I'll be back for dessert (and most likely another burger) soon.

I am now a huge Sketch Burger fan. Everything was delicious and there was so much more to try! I was really intrigued by their vegan options including a vegan grilled cheese. The best part about Sketch Burger definitely has to be the artistic/good food vibe that it's got down pat. The greatest thing about Philly and this area in particular is the creative and artsy personality that makes it so funky and, of course, stereotypical hipster. But if you know Philly, to experience the hipster is to love the hipster. Or at least make fun of it. But seriously, eat at Sketch Burger and see what burger heaven is all about.

Sketch Burger
413 E. Girard Avenue
Philadelphia, PA