Outdoor Summer Festivals

Despite it being the stickiest and hottest time of the year for the Northeast (and pretty much the whole country), this is the time of the year when everyone and anyone gets outside for summer festivals. Though I felt like a puddle of melted ice cream by the end of the day, I had so much fun at two outdoor festivals this weekend: Victory Brewery's BeerBQ and Northern Liberties' Second Street Festival. Victory's BeerBQ was outside of Philly in Downingtown to benefit the local animal shelter. Victory's big beer tap bus was there providing beer and a bunch of local restaurants were around handing out samples and selling food. Amateur barbecue enthusiasts were camped along the side with their smokers ready to compete. We sampled some delicious burger and pulled pork sliders from Kildare's restaurant. They also had water kegs all over and I got a kick out of kids pumping the keg and getting themselves some water. It was pretty hot and I wasn't feeling so great so we packed up and headed over to Victory's brewery restaurant. We've been there before but every time we go, we find something new to try. We ordered a bar pie and a sampler of beers (plus a pint of our favorite) and relaxed in the air conditioning. After spending the afternoon there, we headed back towards to city for more pizza, Neapolitan style, at In Riva along Kelly Drive overlooking the water. Such a delicious day!

On Sunday, we hit up our second outdoor fest, this time in Philly in the Northern Liberties neighborhood. Their 2nd Street Festival is one of the best city street fairs, closing down four or so blocks on second street and fill it with food vendors, beer gardens, and craft booths. Nick read online that last year there were 16,000 people and there were supposed to be even more this year. We got there early so it wasn't super crowded and we got a chance to check everything out. Instead of eating on the street, we popped into Standard Tap for brunch (yum broccoli, bacon and cheddar scramble!) then decided to get out there and sample the beers and food. Northbowl, a bowling lane and cocktail lounge, set up a bar outside with boozy sno cones, whiskey margaritas and, of course, beer. That was our first stop, to enjoy the fan and the dj, before stopping at a few more little beer gardens including one with an above ground temporary pool. I wish I had gotten a picture of the ridiculousness. It was so muggy and hot that by the end of the day all I wanted to do was go home and take a shower but it was definitely worth it.



Even if it's so hot I'm about ready to fry to a crisp, I still love being outside and enjoying the summer street festivals.

Have you been to any good fairs lately? Anything I should check out?