Around Here: Back to School


There it is, that's my classroom and the thing that cut my summer vacation short. I have spent the past two and a half weeks preparing this classroom for twenty-three five year olds to start learning big things like how to read and write and count past ten. It's actually kind of daunting when you think about it that way. It'll be just me against twenty-three different personalities, just me trying to get them to understand so many complex things. Like how to hold a pencil. I am already annoyed by the crossover grips that we have to help struggling pencil holders. I had to read the directions so I know how you're supposed to use them to hold your pencil. That's the real thing they should have taught us in education classes: how to use crossover pencil grips for student success. That and how to put up bulletin board paper without looking like a fool.

Even though you can't see it very well, I used magnet letters to spell out "Welcome to kindergarten" on the heater. Sometimes I get in a panic thinking that I am not going to be a good kindergarten teacher. I mean, you definitely remember your first teacher, good or bad. I won't be with these kids for the whole year because I'm just filling a maternity spot but I'm their first impression of what school is like. I tried to make my room bright and inviting and into a space where we are going to learn and have fun in equal parts. Though I have an incredible case of the nerves thinking about being someone's very first teacher, I can't wait for the morning of the first day of school. I can't wait to stand at the door and greet every little kindergartner with a big smile. It's going to be amazing!