Welcome to Buttons and Blossoms!

Are you here looking for the Lemonade Stand? Don't worry, you're here...kind of. Today I've officially changed the name of my blog from "The Lemonade Stand" to "Buttons and Blossoms". I've been waiting to make this switch and I'm pretty excited to show it off. I know it doesn't look all that different: I changed the name, I changed the banner, I changed the background color, and that's pretty much it. But I'm excited in the coming days and weeks and months and for however long I decide to keep doing this blogging thing to bring you more exciting and fresh content. It's not just a name change; it's a focus change. I started the Lemonade Stand two years ago to be an advice blog for just graduated girls because that's what I was and that's what I thought I wanted to be. I figured I could grow as a person and a blogger and bring my experiences onto the blog. I did that and I love (most of) the content I created the past few years. This summer I re-energized my blog by putting a lot of hours into editing and reading tutorials, trying to make this rented and free space more me.

But, if you've been reading this blog over the years (which I'm optimistic that you may have), you've noticed that there are big stretches where I've fallen off the wagon. I thought that by jazzing it up and reading other blogs and trying my hardest, I could make myself into a diligent blogger. Definitely not the case and my new full-time career choice as an elementary teacher helped derail me further.

I racked my brain for why I wasn't such a good blogger. Then I realized I changed. I wanted to blog but I didn't want to give advice and it felt like I'd pigeonholed myself into writing advice at The Lemonade Stand. So for the past month or so, I've thought about a name change and a blog attitude change. Here we are: buttons and blossoms.

Buttons and blossoms will be a more personal blog with a focus on my personal style, the buttons, and things that make me happy, the blossoms. There is so much I can share now and it's going to be so much more of me. I love creating outfits and now they won't be restricted to fashion fridays. I'm also looking forward to sharing some of the hilarious and poignant lessons I'm learning as a teacher (there are a lot of moments to share, let me tell you). I'm so excited to start on this new blogging journey and I hope that you'll join me.